The Consequences of Waiter Suffering an Injury at Work

Posted on: September 28, 2022 by RMS Hospitality

There will always be consequences for a waiter suffering an injury at work, which could hurt a business over the long run. When most of your book of business is commercial clients, recognize when and how to promote workers compensation iworkeensurance. Some business owners don’t identify their employees’ significant safety concerns and potential hazards. The restaurant industry is particularly at risk with high temperatures in the kitchen and potential hazards throughout the workspace. That’s why restaurant owners should invest in workers’ compensation coverage.

Learning About Workers’ Compensation Coverage

Many business owners don’t realize that workers’ compensation policies should provide coverage in the event of a waiter suffering an injury at work. Ensure that they understand these policies will pay for medical care related to the injury and also cover some lost wages while the employee is out of work recovering.

Exploring Why Restaurant Insurance Is Not Enough

Your customers may think having a commercial policy, like restaurant insurance, is sufficient. Unfortunately, they may not realize that these policies typically cover the building, equipment, supplies, and any liability associated with customer injuries or illnesses. It rarely includes coverage for injuries sustained by employees. That is why you should also recommend a workers’ compensation policy. Certain businesses require workers’ compensation, so it’s worth recommending while you write other coverage.

Understanding Some Common Injuries for Restaurant Workers

It’s easiest to understand and appreciate the benefits of workers’ compensation coverage benefits when you know what risks your employees might encounter.

  •     Slip and fall injuries — Spills on a restaurant floor can create slippery conditions, especially with drinks and sauces. Slip and fall injuries are severe concerns for waitstaff.
  •     Burn injuries— Hot plates, warming trays, and spilled hot food can cause severe burns in some cases. These typically need medical treatment.
  •     Repetitive motion injuries— Carrying plates and drinks, rolling silverware, and serving drinks at the bar can require repetitive movements. It puts waitstaff at risk of repetitive motion injuries that can interfere with work.
  •     Straining injuries— Whether waitstaff is moving trays of glassware to fill racks, carrying heavy food trays, or getting food cases from the walk-in freezer, straining under that weight can cause severe muscle injuries.

Determining How To File Workers’ Compensation Insurance Claims

Once you get your restaurant owners the workers’ compensation coverage that they need, explain the claims process. Make sure to include incident reports, photographic evidence, and more. Detailed, step-by-step claims processes are essential for ensuring your clients’ protection.

The more proactive you are about covering all of your client’s potential risks, the better protected they will be. That’s why you should always ensure that any restaurant clients understand the importance of workers’ compensation insurance and risk mitigation.

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