Products & Completed Operations Insurance from RMS Hospitality Group

They’ve been fed and served well, but hours or a day later a patron has a reaction to something they consumed at your client’s establishment. Depending on the event, a costly claim for food poisoning or any number of other completed operations could occur. If your hospitality program insurance hasn’t been designed comprehensively, your client could have a painful coverage gap.

At RMS Hospitality Group, our expertise and coordinated approach across our internal teams helps us provide a complete suite of insurance coverages specially designed for the hospitality niche, including:

Whether you face concerns over alcohol-related claims, food-based reactions or other incidents linked back to your service or products, making sure products and completed operations insurance coverage is in your hospitality insurance program can help with legal fees and settlements. In many circumstances, the carrier will also provide risk mitigation services to reduce the chance of problems occurring at all. And don’t forget RMS HG’s proprietary claims investigation service, SKOPENOW, which uses digital surveillance and other techniques to assess the validity of claims to stop fraud in its tracks.

Patrons don’t stop being your concern just because they’ve paid their bill and left the premises.

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COVID-19 Update:

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