Workers Compensation Insurance from RMS Hospitality Group

The hospitality industry is full of fun and relaxation for patrons, but for employees of bars, clubs, restaurants and other venues, it can be an injury waiting to happen. From out-of-control patrons to simple slips and falls, workers are at risk. Smart owners secure two forms of protection: risk prevention and fair compensation.

At RMS Hospitality Group, we partner with insurers that address both ends of the equation. Our programs offer coverage that meets or exceeds state requirements and can deal with workers’ medical care payments, prescription drug needs, lost income due to the work-related injury or illness, disability caused by that injury or illness, and death. Our insurer partners also offer return-to-work and claims management programs.

A workers comp insurance policy from RMS HG is specially designed for the hospitality niche, including:

Whether it’s something relatively minor, such as cut or sprain, or something more serious, like a head or back injury, a workers compensation program from RMS HG provides assurance for employees and a safety net for employers. Our workers comp policies also cover employees’ work-related illness, which is crucial in an industry where workers are exposed to food-borne illnesses and communicable diseases.

Additionally, we offer a proprietary claims investigation service, SKOPENOW, which uses digital surveillance and other techniques to assess the validity of claims and helps stop fraudulent use of workers comp benefits.

Employers with reliable workers compensation programs protect both workers and their business from the costs of on-the-job injuries and illness.

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