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Assault Battery

Assault & Battery Insurance from RMS Hospitality Group

Assault & Battery Insurance from RMS Hospitality Group

Not all insurance policies provide coverage for both patron-on-patron violence and agent-on-patron incidents, but at RMS Hospitality Group, our program does. It’s extremely important to have both when you are in the hospitality business since an establishment can be sued by victims of violence both on the premises and off.

Assault and battery coverage in our hospitality insurance program may cover bodily injury and property damage arising from certain violent acts and actions by security staff. Without specifically adding assault and battery insurance, your clients could find themselves with a costly gap in coverage.

Liquor doesn’t have to be involved for assault and battery claims to financially harm establishments such as:

Claims that security staff used excessive force to quell an unruly patron can be bad for an establishment’s reputation and its employees’ morale, but solid legal defense coverage can help avert many of the problems associated with lawsuits. Many standard commercial general liability policies, however, exclude assault and battery coverage for those in the hospitality industry. Not at RMS HG. Our hospitality program insurance addresses the wide swath of exposures your clients face.

We provide comprehensive, seamless insurance suites for the hospitality sector - and no costly coverage gaps!

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