Tips for Managing a Restaurant’s Website

Posted on: October 27, 2021 by RMS Hospitality

If you’ve been meeting with your Restaurant Insurance Program clients lately and discussed their marketing strategies with them, chances are that they may have raised questions about their website. Restaurant websites are an essential piece of their marketing approach and can provide a crucial way to attract new customers and draw in extra business. However, crafting the right content for restaurant website may not always be easy. Additionally, your clients may need some web design tips for restaurants. If you’re not sure what to tell them about managing truly effective websites, consider sharing these top tips with them.

Consider Working With a Graphic Designer To Make the Site User-Friendly

Unless your clients already have an in-house website manager, they may want to hire a professional to get the site up to speed. An outdated or dysfunctional website can cause more harm than good, so it’s important for your clients to:

  • Work website updating and maintenance into the restaurant’s marketing budget
  • Consider hiring a professional graphic designer to make the website as user-friendly and as aesthetically pleasing as possible
  • Get rid of outdated designs or hard-to-navigate pages
  • Post information about the menu and ordering up front to encourage readers to become new customers
  • Consider hiring a third party to update and manage the website full-time

Keep Your Website as Informative and Updated as Possible

One crucial aspect of good website management is keeping the site informative, relevant and updated at all times. You may want to advise your clients to:

  • Post their menu, update it often and consider adding an online ordering tool
  • Add a “contact us” page to make it easy for customers to get in touch with the restaurant
  • Add an “about us” section explaining the story of the restaurant’s founding and the driving mission and intended culinary experience
  • Curate food photos to enhance readers’ experiences on the website
  • List the hours of operation and days off clearly

Use Your Site as a Marketing Tool and Remember Why It Matters

Finally, remind your clients to focus on wielding their website as a crucial marketing tool. In order to make the most of having this site, your clients may wish to:

  • Use search engine optimization tools to help the restaurant’s website get found by prospective diners
  • Display consistent branding throughout the website to give customers an accurate sense of the restaurant’s intended dining experience
  • Focus on using the website as a key marketing tool that can help grow the customer base and edge ahead of the competition

Having an updated, sleek and user-friendly website can be an essential component of any restaurant’s marketing strategy and may help draw in new customers and drive up revenue over time. If your Restaurant Insurance Program clients have been coming to you in the past several weeks or months with website-related questions, share these crucial tips with them to aid them in more effective and efficient website management.

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