How Your Client Can Throw the Best New Year’s Eve Bash at Their Club

Posted on: December 21, 2022 by RMS Hospitality Group

New Year’s Eve is one of the most lucrative nights for most bars and nightclubs and they expect plenty of extra revenue. Everybody wants to go out, buy drinks, and have fun, but the fun stops when liquor liability issues emerge. Unfortunately, liquor is one of many risks that nightclubs must contend with. Also, property damage and personal injuries are common risks that every establishment must prevent on New Year.

The Best Way to Throw the Best New Year’s Bash

If your clients are wondering how to have the best New Year’s party at your club, remind them to secure nightclub insurance before the big celebration and offer them the following four tips.

Offer the Right Nightclub Insurance

Nightclub insurance is an essential investment any time of the year, but it’s necessary on a big day like New Year’s Eve when there are likely to be bigger crowds and more drinking. You are in a prime position to help your clients minimize common liabilities by providing them with an insurance policy that specifically addresses their needs. In addition to general liability insurance, nightclubs need coverage for assault and battery as well as products and completed operations.

Consider Charging for New Year’s Eve Tickets or a Cover

When developing a New Year’s celebration plan, nightclub owners must decide how to manage the influx of people. If the building’s crowds surpass its designated occupancy limit, this is another significant liability that could cause injuries or property damage. To keep crowds under control and generate additional profits, nightclubs should consider imposing a cover charge on New Year’s festivities. Similarly, your clients may sell tickets to attendees in advance.

Invest in Marketing Before New Year’s Eve

The only thing worse than too many people at a nightclub is not enough people. The few patrons there will likely leave if the dance floor is empty and the vibe is lacking. Creating a positive environment is thus imperative, and marketing is more important. Nightclubs should spread the word on social media about the features of the festivities. Your clients should also encourage regular patrons to market the event via word of mouth so that their friends know about it.

Cover Liabilities With Nightclub Insurance

When New Year’s celebrations are right around the corner, your clients will start thinking about their marketing strategy and party theme. You must also remind them to think about their liabilities, especially when New Year’s celebrations prompt increased traffic and greater exposure to risk. Offering nightclub insurance policies is the best way to empower your clients to protect their assets and business. Encourage all your nightclub hospitality clients to reduce liabilities and maintain a safe environment in the new year. 

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