4 Holiday Promotions for Restaurants to Get More Customers

Posted on: December 14, 2022 by RMS Hospitality Group

Your clients may want to create holiday promotions to garner more customers this month. Likewise, as an insurance agent, your role is to advise them on any liabilities that come with any potential special offer. 

The holiday season is traditionally a time of increased sales for the retail industry. Still, restaurants want to get in on the rush of celebratory spending that accompanies Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s as well. The time is right during the winter holidays for business owners to check that they have adequate restaurant insurance and to plan promotional activities to pack their establishments full of festive patrons.

Holiday Promotions for Restaurants to Try

Here are some ideas to help the hospitality industry understand how to increase business in their restaurant over the holidays.

Create a Holiday Atmosphere

Don’t underestimate the visual power of holiday decorations. The glitter of Christmas lights, ornaments, and wreaths will increase walk-in traffic and encourage repeat visits. Decorations can include window displays, table settings, menus, lighting, and signage. Your client should focus on appealing to the senses by playing holiday tunes in an appropriate style for their restaurant, tuning in to holiday classics on mounted televisions, and increasing the scents of the season with peppermint, pumpkin, apple, and cinnamon. Also, they should remember their online presence and include festive holiday imagery and promotional language on their business website.

Add Holiday Cheer to the Menu

Owners should not neglect the value of appealing to customers’ tastebuds during the holiday season. Special menu offerings incorporating fall and winter flavors are fantastic holiday restaurant promotions. Menu design experts claim that diners enjoy ingredients such as chestnut, cranberry, eggnog, gingerbread, peppermint, pumpkin spice, and turkey during the holidays. They should use festive chalkboards for advertising their specials, and not forget to publicize them online.

Offer Holiday Promotions

The holidays are busy and expensive but your clients should not forget to take the time to verify the hospitality segment of their restaurant insurance. They can generate a ton of goodwill by offering promotions that appeal to both the pocketbook and the clock. Catering promotions to help party hosts save money and time are a great option. Deals on take-out meals or specials for timeframes that are typically not busy will help holiday shoppers to maximize their busy schedules while saving money.

Collaborate With Neighboring Stores

Partnering with local retail stores and brands can help to increase restaurant sales, regardless of the hospitality plan on the restaurant insurance. Most stores are happy to offer their customers incentives for a discount or free appetizer at your client’s restaurant if they spend a specific dollar amount on their merchandise. Conversely, your client can provide discounts to neighboring retailers when diners purchase one of their holiday dinner specials. Another way to collaborate with neighboring stores is to collaborate on a single charitable project. Your client should offer a discount if patrons bring in a bag of canned food from their local grocery store to donate to the needy. Advertising this project jointly in the restaurant and the store will increase visibility, tug on customers’ heartstrings, and improve the public image of both businesses.

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