Preventing Underage Serving at Taverns

Posted on: November 10, 2021 by RMS Hospitality

When talking to clients about your sports bar insurance program, it is important to offer more than just good liability coverage. Having a claim opened on an insurance policy can increase the premium rates, and proactively addressing the risk of the industry can help prevent rate hikes. One of the most serious concerns for bar owners is underage drinking. As an insurance agent, you have the opportunity to consult with your clients on risk management strategies.

How To Prevent Underage Drinking at Your Bar

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, underage drinking is one of the most serious health problems in the country. While young people who drink increase the number of health and safety risks they face, their activities could also bring about serious consequences if a bar owner is caught serving these individuals. Bar owners can’t afford to let poor judgment from a minor issue cause significant financial losses and legal troubles. Here are some steps to prevent underage serving at bars.

Train Employees Properly

Don’t just rely on an employee’s common sense to address the problem of underage drinking. It is common for those too young to drink to lie about their age or present a fake ID. Employees need to know the serious consequences of serving a minor and be trained on how to address the situation if it arises.

Make ID Checking Mandatory

Even though a minor could produce a fake ID, it is important to mandate ID checking for all patrons when ordering alcohol. Depending on the operating state, a person doesn’t have to be 21 to enter a bar, but every state requires that the patron be 21 if they are going to purchase alcohol. Checking IDs is mandatory for each patron, regardless of how old they appear.

Use Electronic Help

An electric ID scanning machine can verify the authenticity of a patron’s age as well as identify a fake identification card, and it can do so with a lot more efficiency and accuracy than your staff. Employing both measures adds additional protections.

Supply Alternatives

When underage patrons are allowed inside the bar, having non-alcoholic options that they can select. Many bars will provide water for free, but expanding a non-alcoholic menu with as much flavor and interest as the alcoholic options can help patrons feel less pressured to order something. Identify the differences between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks by using different stemware or glasses. This can give a bird’s eye view if someone is sharing a drink.

These tips are just a few of the ways to reduce the number of claims opened on a sports bar insurance program because of underage drinking. Always encourage proactively addressing the risks to limit the likelihood of dealing with the long-term effects of missing one fake ID or unknowingly serving a drink to a minor.

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