Tips for Preventing Bar Fights

Posted on: August 11, 2021 by RMS Hospitality

Among your Sports Bar Insurance Program clients, concerns about avoiding bar fights may not be uncommon. Sports bars can sometimes experience rowdy or unruly clients who attempt to start fights and may risk harming themselves, others and company property. If your clients are currently concerned about preventing bar fights in their establishments, there are a few key measures they can put in place to help avoid those unwanted events. Try giving your clients these top tips to implement new safety measures.

Install Additional Security Measures Throughout the Bar

One of the simplest steps your clients can take right away is installing extra security measures throughout their property. Even a single entryway security camera, for example, could potentially help to deter would-be disorderly clients from starting fights. Additionally, depending on the level of risk your clients believe their businesses face, private hired security may be necessary. Some of the most common security measures many bars choose to put in place include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • Security guards on call
  • Security cameras throughout the property
  • Well-trained employees at the bar
  • A welcoming and friendly environment

Train Employees on Common Warning Signs and Simple De-escalation Tactics

Well-trained workers can be an effective tool in preventing bar fights, since employees are often on the front lines of customer disagreements and can play a major role in halting potentially dangerous behavior before it escalates. Make sure your clients train their employees to immediately recognize the following common warning signs of impending fights.

  • Excessively loud or rowdy behavior
  • Active attempts to pick fights with other patrons
  • Excessive drunkenness

Once employees know which warning signs to look out for, your clients should also train them to take prudent actions when necessary. For example, in some cases, employees may have to:

  • Cut off patrons who display drunken and disorderly behavior
  • Know when to call in security to break up tense situations
  • Inform patrons of house rules and behavior guidelines

Get Extensive Insurance Coverage To Protect Bar Property

One final step your clients may be interested in putting in place is securing extra insurance coverage to protect their property in the event of a fight. Unfortunately, bar fights can sometimes result not only in physical damage to company property but may also cause a slew of legal liability issues for the business. You may want to advise your clients to get extensive insurance coverage for:

  • Theft
  • Property damage
  • Slander

For many of your Sports Bar Insurance Program clients, putting extra measures in place to help avoid bar fights and unruliness may be a top priority. If this is a concern your clients have, you can use these tips to advise them on which steps to take next. Simply installing new security measures throughout the property, training employees to spot the most common warning signs and getting appropriate insurance coverage could potentially make a big difference.

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