Tip for Boosting Holiday Bar Traffic

Posted on: November 17, 2021 by RMS Hospitality

The holidays are a time for gatherings of family and friends as loved ones reconnect and celebrate together. The increased number of social activities can be cause for uplifted moods and good cheer, or even stress with the purchase of last-minute gifts and juggled time constraints. In both cases, customers are often more prone to reach for a drink to settle their nerves or bond over stories and sharing.

Bars should anticipate the greater demand for alcoholic beverages and plan accordingly. Know how to properly manage your facility to boost your sales and always keep yourself protected with a full Sports Bar Insurance Program.

Keep Your Bar Stocked

Increased bar traffic means that you need to have a fully stocked bar. Keep alert for deals and discounts that often arise during the holidays. Buy your alcohol in bulk and ask about any sales that are happening. This will keep your costs low and still let you provide a lot of choices for your customers.

Create a Holiday Special

You can work toward increasing holiday bar sales by offering some unique drinks. Bar patrons are usually more willing to indulge during this time of year, so consider using a higher-shelf liquor to make your drinks extra special.

Even a few seasonal drink options can spice up your menu. Incorporate some classic holiday flavors and make them appealing to the eye as well as the palate. Some patrons may enjoy having a ready-made choice of drinks available instead of coming up with their own.

Offer Non-Alcoholic Options

Not everyone is able or chooses to drink, yet that doesn’t mean that they can’t join in the fun of socializing. Have a few festive drinks on the menu that don’t contain alcohol. This will keep everyone happy and let the designated drivers enjoy a fruity cocktail without the worry of sobering up before it is time to go home. It’s also important that you have non-alcoholic options to discourage reckless behavior. Your sports bar insurance program is in place to protect you, but you still have an obligation to keep your customers safe.

Provide Plenty of Snacks

It’s no secret that salty snacks can make you thirsty. Provide your clientele with some finger foods to munch on while they indulge in a second drink. Having a little something available can also stave off the negative effect of too much drink and keep your patrons from becoming intoxicated.

Advertise Wisely

Use the opportunity of the holidays to your advantage. Advertise your seasonal offerings and special events to drum up interest and keep your patrons coming back for more. Holiday marketing for bars should take place on your website and by placing ads in print media and online.

With a little extra effort and planning, you can expect to see increased sales and a hefty profit from the holiday crowd.

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