The Importance of Bartender Education

Posted on: October 13, 2021 by RMS Hospitality

Offering a sports bar insurance program increases your company’s appeal to establishments that serve liquor. But, at the same time, you open yourself up to greater liabilities because there are so many risks associated with bars. A simple way to decrease your clients’ risk of liquor liability issues is by requiring them to have a reputable bartending education.

What Does Bartending School Look Like?

Unlike traditional schools, bartending schools tend to be small and localized. Usually, they involve experienced bartenders inviting new ones to their bars, breweries, or restaurants to learn the industry’s best practices. Rather than attending standard classes, bartending students get hands-on experience mixing drinks, planning menus, and handling difficult customers.

What Do You Learn in Bartending School?

Students learn about the different kinds of alcohol they serve so that they can answer any questions patrons have. This process involves learning the history of each drink, tasting it, and figuring out what it pairs well with. They also learn how to source and prepare their ingredients so that their drinks stay fresh.

Expert bartenders teach their students how to make the same drinks consistently, so they know exactly how much alcohol goes into each drink. Other practical skills include developing new drinks and creating beverage plans.

Learning about changes to the industry is another key part of bartending school. For example, now it’s important for cocktails to be picture-worthy and fun, not just tasty. Schools give bartenders space to learn about presentation techniques and try their own creative ideas.

What Are the Benefits of Bartending School?

If your sports bar insurance program participants have been to bartending school, they’re less likely to overserve their patrons. Because schools emphasize consistency so much, your educated clients don’t accidentally add two drinks’ worth of alcohol to a cocktail instead of one.

Another benefit of bartending school is that your clients increase their chances of running successful businesses. Bartending school trains them to think about the future, makes them mindful of current industry trends, and encourages them to experiment with their own drinks. As a result, your clients make better drinks more efficiently, and their patrons are more likely to recommend their establishment to other potential customers.

How Does Bartending School Affect Your Insurance Contracts?

When you’re working with clients with bartending school certificates, you don’t have to worry so much about them keeping up with their premiums. They’re more experienced in the administrative side of bartending, and they also probably have enough room in their budget.

To encourage your sports bar insurance program clients to attend bartending school, consider offering lower premiums to clients with these certificates. You could also partner with a bartending class to promote this type of education to your clients.

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