Marketing Tips for New Bars

Posted on: June 2, 2021 by RMS Hospitality

As an agent, you can do more than sell comprehensive insurance packages. You can be a wealth of information for your clients, and it is this information that can help them succeed and reduce their liability exposure. For your hospitality clients, you can supply them with a risk analysis or marketing strategy. When you are advising on a sports bar insurance program, you can be sure to share these insider tips for expanding their marketing plan for new bars.

Expert Bar Marketing Ideas

Your clients have taken on a huge responsibility in opening a bar. To make it a profitable venture, they will need to work hard to market the bar to the community. Here are several promotion ideas for new bars that are sure to help them succeed at winning new customers and keeping old ones.

Strategically Utilize Social Media Advertising

One of the best ways to reach new customers is through advertising across social media platforms. While your clients can use the free options for setting up a business profile, it is worth the expense to tap into the advanced targeting capabilities of a specific site. This will allow them to specify which demographic should see the ad or tap into the feeds of the ideal consumer. Use ads to bring in consumers on specific nights using a special food or drink offer.

Develop a Strong Online Presence

Don’t let your clients flounder with a subpar website. Remind them of the importance of engagement and conversion, and give them ideas on what to include on their website. For starters, a full menu should be displayed on the website. Consumers may not be searching for a specific bar but are looking for “the best local places to get wings.” When a menu is available, it can be indexed by Google or other search engines.

Entertain Guests All Night Long

Your clients need to focus on both attracting and retaining customers. Once a customer comes through the doors, there should be plenty of entertainment on hand to keep them coming back. Having bar games, activities, and plenty of sports coverage on the televisions will usually draw bigger groups of people wishing to hang out after work or on the weekends. Offering free pool on slow nights can help boost the crowd for new bars.

Be a Live Entertainment Venue

Hosting live music events is a great way to build a loyal following in the community. Advise your clients that it may require extra permits or licensing, as well as specific permission from music licensing organizations in order to avoid a lawsuit. Use online avenues to promote the bar as a place to host a live event and welcome requests from booking agents, local musicians, or event coordinators.

Remind your clients that being creative in their marketing approach will make their sports bar stand out from the competition. Ensure they keep in mind their risks and exposures with these marketing strategies and plan accordingly with their insurance coverage.

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