How Sports Bars Can Prepare for the Big Game

Posted on: February 1, 2023 by RMS Hospitality Group

Sports bars are looking forward to their most important day of the year and must do what they can to prepare. A championship game is a fantastic opportunity for your clients who operate sports bars to generate a whopping boost in revenue. They’ll need to make some strategic preparations to ensure that game night goes off without a hitch.

Tips for Sports Bars Across the Nation

Well-executed marketing initiatives, practical safety precautions, and comprehensive protection with RMS Hospitality will give your clients a winning edge going into the big game.

Review RMS Hospitality Coverages for Sports Bars

Take the time to touch base with clients about their Sports Bar Program Insurance. Anticipate some questions about whether special activities and events fall within the scope of existing coverage elections. For example, working with subcontractors such as valets or AV equipment companies may raise some concerns you can address.

Increase Staffing Levels and Create a Solid Game Plan

Having adequate staffing levels helps to ensure that clients can provide first-rate, attentive service on the big night. This type of planning is also an important safety measure. With more staff onsite, staff will be able to recognize and reply to potentially dangerous situations immediately.

Encourage customers to have a team meeting to pregame and review individual roles and responsibilities. Examples of critical topics for discussion include physical hazards on site, policies about checking IDs, and guidelines to prevent overserving patrons.

Plan a Great Outreach Campaign for Sports Bars

Sports bars must get the word out that their establishment is the best place to watch the big game. Digital marketing on social media is a cost-effective way to spark interest.

Setting up an area with a game day theme for selfie-ops is an excellent marketing tactic. It prompts people to tell their friends and followers about the festivities.

Get Inventories Ready and Plan Promotions

When considering how a sports bar can prepare for big game nights, keeping an eye on maximizing revenue is essential. In particular, bars should affirm that they have enough inventory to meet demand. Going over the previous years’ food and beverage orders could be helpful.

The big game is an excellent opportunity to promote food and drink specials. Gearing selections towards large groups, such as deals on pitchers, buckets, or combination platters, is a smart strategy. The best promotions for sports bars offer compelling discounts but prompt bigger orders and more spending.

Refer To RMS Hospitality Safety Insights

Sports bar safety on the game night has to be one of your clients’ top planning priorities. A significant increase in attendance and a flurry of commotion may mean more potential dangers on the premises.

When establishments change things up to accommodate more patrons or reconfigure entertainment equipment, it could create unsafe conditions, such as trip hazards or emergency egress issues. Ideally, your clients should go through a safety inspection checklist before they open their doors to throngs of excited fans. Consider reviewing current trends with RMS Hospitality coverages and claims with clients so they’ll be more conscientious about specific risk management concerns.

Connecting with your clients to help them prepare for one of their biggest nights of the year is a great way to let them know you have their back. Offering your help and even just sharing in their excitement can strengthen your client relationships.

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