How Can Contactless Platforms Improve Customer Experience?

Posted on: April 9, 2021 by RMS Hospitality

Sports bar owners face many liability risks with their businesses. The switch to contactless platforms helps mitigate the risks associated with COVID-19 and other health issues. However, it is essential to help your clients choose the right sports bar insurance to protect them from potential claims stemming from alcohol use, violence and other issues.

Improved Customer Service With Contactless Technology

Contactless platforms have taken over many hospitality and retail industries. When this technology began, the goal was to create convenience for the customers. The challenges of conducting business during a pandemic also made this an effective way to keep patrons and employees safe.
Some restaurant owners have concerns about the quality of their customer service while using these systems. However, there are many ways this technology improves the guest experience.

Customized Attention

Contactless options often require users to input personal data, such as their name, email address, phone number and birthdate. Apps can also keep track of frequently ordered menu items and preferences. This information gives sports bar owners the ability to personalize their service with menu suggestions, birthday emails or information about upcoming events patrons are likely to attend.

Increased Customer Control

When sports bars implement contactless options, patrons have control over their experience. It allows them to determine when they order and pay. These features give them more power over their visit and eliminate possible wait times when service staff is busy. When customers control these aspects, your clients’ service staff has more time to devote to ensuring their experience at your bar is top-notch.

Efficient Operations With Contactless Options

When owners and managers start using this technology, the establishment also gains many benefits, such as:

  • Decreased labor costs: When customers control their experience, bars need less staff per shift.
  • Improved table turn rates: Patrons who pay or order without having to wait for assistance from a server help places turn tables faster, allowing for more business during a shift.
  • Increased customer spending: Check amounts increase when customers order using their phones. People feel less guilty about spending money when they have a credit card saved on the app.
  • Reduced printing expenses: When people order online or use digital menus when visiting a bar, it minimizes the number of printed menus an establishment requires. According to a Wakefield Research survey, 88% of restaurants may use digital menus full time, and 61% plan to continue contactless payment options.

Enhanced Service and Safety

When your clients use contactless methods in their bars, they create a more satisfying experience for their patrons. Additionally, lessened close physical contact results in a safer, healthier experience. These digital options work together with insurance for bars to mitigate potential risks.

There are many things your clients can do to keep customers safe and improve service. Advise owners how to protect themselves from potential cybersecurity and other related risks with Sports Bar insurance. With contactless options and the proper insurance, your clients will have peace of mind and continued growth.

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