Getting the Sports Bar Ready for Football Season

Posted on: September 7, 2022 by RMS Hospitality

Getting a sports bar ready for football season requires plenty of preparation and proper execution to ensure a successful venture. The start of football season can represent a considerable boost in patronage for sports bars. They must work hard to maximize revenue while staying on top of key risk management initiatives. Likewise, they must understand the clientele and plan the logistics of hosting a large group of passionate football fans.

The Sports Bar: Getting Ready for Football

Is your sports bar ready for football season? Here are some ways sports bars can prepare for a winning season.

Review Operating Costs

Analyzing current financial statements and credit utilization helps businesses plan their spending wisely. Budget prep work should focus on major operating expenses such as food and drink purchases, staffing needs, and Sports Bar Program Insurance coverage.

Refine Maintenance Procedures

When bars are busy, keeping the premises in good condition is essential. It may be advisable to perform various cleaning and maintenance functions more frequently.

Assess and Enhance Security

With increased traffic and occupancy, sports bars need to be extra vigilant about security. It is a good practice to give staff a refresher about checking identification and overserving. Strategic coverage elections in a liability program for pubs and bars can help owners reduce their risk exposure effectively.

Security cameras enable staff to keep an eye on what is happening, and they can deter unlawful or unruly conduct. Surveillance systems are a security measure carriers value when endorsing insurance coverage for sports bars.

Invest in New AV Equipment

The quantity and quality of a sports bar’s televisions can be an important factor when people are deciding where they want to watch a big game. Newer televisions with big screens and high-quality resolution are a must-have feature in any popular sports bar.

Television speakers will probably be insufficient to provide good sound quality for an entire bar. An integrated sound system with a subwoofer and two audio channels may be the best option.

Insurance agents should remind clients to make any necessary updates to their commercial property coverages under Sports Bar Program Insurance when they get new property for their business. Big purchases could impact clients’ decisions to insure the property’s actual value or its replacement value.

Create Great Marketing Materials

Gameday promotional offers can bring in large groups and drive up sales. Food and beverage managers should plan specials that maximize inventories and prevent spoilage. Sports bar promoters must be mindful about keeping NFL trademarks out of marketing materials to avoid liability issues.

While the regular NFL season may not have as many games as an MLB or NBA season, it can be the busiest time of the year for a sports bar. Football’s passionate fandom makes people seek out opportunities to turn watching a game into a shared experience. When sports bars can give their patrons first-rate service in a fantastic atmosphere, they can be people’s favorite places to get together and root for the home team.

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