Strategies to Hire Competent Restaurant Managers

Posted on: July 28, 2021 by RMS Hospitality

As the insurance agent for restaurants and food businesses, you’re likely to run into questions from your clients regarding the qualities of an effective restaurant manager and the best ways to attract top-notch managerial candidates. If your current Restaurant Insurance Program customers are currently in the process of searching for new restaurant managers but are having a tough time identifying qualified, competent and attractive potential hires, there are a few strategies you could advise them to follow. Take a look at the top tips that could help your clients identify and hire top-quality management material.

Get Referrals From Professional Connections and Network for Leads

If your clients already have a wide network in their industry, now is the time to start reaching out to professional connections for insights. Your clients could potentially get referrals from fellow professionals who may know of possible candidates. You can advise your clients to:

  • Post a job advertisement on your social media channels to let connections know you’re looking for a new hire
  • Talk with professional connections to see whether they know of anyone who might be interested
  • Go to industry events and network with other restaurant professionals to spread the word

Look for Both Practical Experience and Strong Interpersonal Skills

Your clients may also find it beneficial to focus on identifying well-rounded candidates rather than homing in too much on a single aspect of the job. For instance, qualified managers may need to juggle both day-to-day schedules and oversee higher-up aspects of the business. For that reason, your clients should consider looking for:

  • A strong sense of business acumen
  • Practical managerial experience
  • Prior experience working in the restaurant industry
  • Familiarity with your restaurant’s software, tools and other systems
  • Knowledge of accounting and business finances

Be as Specific as Possible in Your Managerial Job Description

Lastly, advise your clients to write specific managerial job descriptions whenever possible. The more specific the description, the higher the chance they’ll be able to attract the exact types of candidates they have in mind. In order to flesh out a well-rounded description, your clients should:

  • Detail specific qualifications and expectations for the new manager
  • List different levels of required qualifications, from the ones the manager must have to the ones your client would prefer but does not require
  • Write out specific job benefits and perks, including salary and potential bonuses, to help draw in qualified candidates

For any Restaurant Insurance Program clients of yours that are struggling to identify and attract their ideal restaurant manager candidates, these strategies could potentially make a world of difference. As their insurance agent, you may want to sit down with them and walk them through these simple strategies for ensuring that their pool of candidates is filled with experienced, talented, qualified and highly competent individuals. By leaning on their network, searching for a range of key skills and writing up detailed job descriptions, your clients could attract top-notch managerial candidates.

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