Samuel Adams’ New Beer Banned in 15 States

Posted on: October 6, 2021 by RMS Hospitality

If you work for an insurance company that offers a sports bar insurance program, you’re probably well aware of liquor laws in the states you serve. From how old people can be to buy alcohol to how liable bartenders are for limiting their patrons’ consumption, alcohol is a heavily legislated topic, and its requirements vary from state to state.

States also have control over how much alcohol each variety can contain, which recently led to a limited-edition beer from Samuel Adams getting banned in 15 states. Here’s what you and your clients need to know about this controversial drink.

What Sets This Beer Apart?

The beer in question is Samuel Adams’ Utopias drink, a strong beer that it offers only once every two years. Each batch is aged in barrels, and its newest edition goes on sale on October 11, 2021. This batch’s cherry flavor comes from 2,000 pounds of fresh fruit, and the brewery suggests that bars and liquor stores sell each 25.4-ounce container for $240.

What really sets Utopias beer apart is its alcohol content. Each drink is 28% alcohol, an astounding figure when you consider that the average level for American beer is 5%. It’s still less alcoholic than rum and whiskey, which tend to have a 40% or higher alcohol content. At the same time, it has the capacity to intoxicate your clients’ patrons much more quickly than the average beer.

Which States Don’t Allow Utopias Sales?

If you offer your sports bar insurance program to anyone in Alabama, Arkansas, New Hampshire, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Idaho, Oklahoma, Missouri, Oregon, Mississippi, Utah, Vermont, Montana, or West Virginia, these clients cannot legally sell Utopias. This restriction is because each state requires beer to have lower alcohol content than 28%. For example, Alabama does not allow its liquor stores to stock beer that is more than 6% alcohol. If your clients are unsure whether their counties have special restrictions in addition to their states’ laws, they should reach out to their local government.

What Are Some Special Concerns for Insurance Agents?

The latest Utopias release brings some special concerns for insurance agents. Make sure your clients know that if they sell this beer illegally, they are violating their insurance contracts and could face termination or fines. If your clients are allowed to sell Utopias, ask them about their plans for regulating its use, such as limiting patrons’ purchase of it or posting extra signs about its alcohol content.

Because Utopias is such a strong beer, you may want to discuss special guidelines for its use under your sports bar insurance program. Consider mandating higher premiums for clients that sell the beer or requiring them to keep careful details about patrons who purchase it.

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