Reinventing the Wheel: Restaurant Pivoting in a Time of Turmoil

Posted on: February 10, 2021 by RMS Hospitality

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and this past year has undoubtedly demonstrated how true this is for restaurant owners. Rather than shutting down their businesses, dining establishment managers got creative. If clients in your restaurant insurance program are still struggling to stay afloat, here are some ideas for restaurant pivoting you can share with them that may help them through this period of continued turmoil and uncertainty.

Restructure Restaurant Offerings

For restaurant pivoting to be successful, they may need to revamp their menus. Some business owners simplified their offerings to make it easier to switch from dine-in to carryout, curbside pickup, and delivery models. Others have taken a different approach and beefed up their menu selections, providing customers with the option to pick and choose from among a selection of entrees, sides, and beverages.

Move Outside

When indoor dining is limited, your clients may be able to move their dining facilities outdoors. Even businesses that do not already have an outdoor seating area can make this change. Instead of investing in an expensive remodel, most establishments are simply converting part of their parking lots into a dining area. Canopies, tents, and heating lamps can all be used to keep the doors open during inclement weather.

Let Customers Do the Cooking

Another option for restaurant owners is to create meal kits. Instead of serving only prepared food, they can offer kits containing all of the ingredients needed to make dishes off their menus. A few things they need to keep in mind if they decide to add these to their menu are:

  • Make sure that meals are easy for customers to make. Prep time should take no more than an hour.
  • Offer kits that are within the theme of their restaurant.
  • Carefully consider ingredients needed, as any perishable goods are potential liability concerns.
  • Consider adding meal kits as a delivery option.

As your clients shift to different food service models, it’s important to make sure that any changes they make adhere to their restaurant insurance requirements.

Provide Grocery Items

One particularly interesting pivot involves distributors and restaurant owners. Dine-in restrictions are having a significant impact on the volume of business, so owners are boosting their sales by offering grocery items. They work with their distributors to obtain a variety of supplies, including necessities such as toilet paper. Many businesses offer local produce, dairy products, and specialty goods as well.

Customers can shop for these items while waiting for carryout or have them delivered right to their door along with their delivery order. These pop-up grocery stores have proven to be a big success in some areas. They not only boost restaurant sales, but they also provide a convenient service that supports local communities.

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