Improving Guest Experience With Server Training

Posted on: August 25, 2021 by RMS Hospitality

If your Restaurant Insurance Program clients have been coming to you lately with questions about improving server skills to help enhance their guests’ dining experience, there are a few tips you could offer them. Well-trained servers who are properly-versed in hospitality and standard restaurant practices can make all the difference in a guest’s in-house experience and can often lead to repeat business as well. If your clients have been struggling to give their guests the restaurant experience they deserve, try walking them through these simple server training tips.

Ensure All Servers Are Ready To Provide Top-Notch Hospitality

For any clients working in the hospitality industry, knowing how to provide top-notch service is an essential component in providing a good customer experience and getting patrons to come back again. For that reason, it’s important for your clients to make sure their servers are trained and ready to perform their best on the job every day. Your clients may want to vet their servers during the hiring process, ensure all front-of-house staff are put through extensive training before beginning work and provide an outlet for customer complaints, so that any issues can be addressed right away.

Focus Part of Your Server Training on Providing Great Guest Experiences

A large component of your clients’ server training process should focus on good hospitality practices and have a guest-centric approach. Your clients should make sure servers are aware that their attitude can make all the difference in a customer’s experience at the restaurant. Training should focus on developing traits and habits such as:

  • Attentiveness
  • Politeness
  • A focus on meeting the customer’s needs first
  • Cleanliness
  • Quick, professional service

Create Server Incentives and Outline Restaurant Policy in Your Guidebook

Lastly, you may want to advise your clients to focus on creating incentives for good server behavior and backing up those incentives with clearly spelled out guidelines. Having a server guidebook that details restaurant policy and expectations is a good start. This guidebook could contain:

  • Everyday guidelines for proper etiquette and customer interactions
  • Clear layouts of the restaurant’s niche and desired atmosphere, whether it be fine dining or casual dive eats
  • Dress code requirements and mandatory server uniform guidelines
  • Tips for politely upselling customers without being pushy or rude
  • Scripts for servers to politely handle a range of different customer interaction situations
  • Safety tips to protect both servers and customers, including ways for servers to guide customers to fire exits in the event of an emergency

Even if your Restaurant Insurance Program clients have years of experience in the food and dining industry, they may still be looking for ways to train their servers better and enhance their guests’ in-house experience. If your clients have these concerns, walk them through these server training tips. With enough time and training, your clients could foster a better server culture and create a top-notch dining atmosphere in their restaurants.

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