Developing a Focus on ESG

Posted on: May 25, 2022 by RMS Hospitality

Developing a focus on ESG issues can help you attract more customers and bring a new aura to your business. ESG stands for environmental, social, and governance. You might think that your clientele visits your restaurant because they love your food. Indeed, this is the driving factor in their decision for most patrons. For a specific segment of your visitors, though, they may be motivated by your establishment’s adherence to certain principles surrounding ESG.

Focus on ESG

ESG issues are becoming an increasingly important issue for consumers. What does ESG focus mean? Additionally, how can your restaurant have an ESG focus? Find the answers to these questions — and learn why ESG is so essential — by reviewing the following four factors.

Minimizing Food Waste

Figures vary regarding the average amount of food waste caused by restaurants, but one study says it’s as much as half a pound per meal. This startling number reveals a serious problem. Instead, restaurant owners throw away food they could recycle or donate instead. Many restaurant patrons are understandably upset when they learn this, and many of them seek out establishments that recycle or donate their food. Likewise, adopting this practice could earn you business from customers who want to see food waste minimized.

Offering Fair Work Conditions

Many patrons seek fair work conditions for restaurant employees. Often, waiters and other staff members have to work extremely long shifts and work many days consecutively. It can be a significant liability for them. When you allow employees to work excessive hours, you may see an increase in mistakes, leading to a restaurant insurance claim. Rather than allowing this to happen, you should implement fair work conditions — and reasonable work schedules — for all restaurant employees.

Incentivizing Employees With Benefits

The importance of benefits is a common topic of discussion, and indeed, benefits such as health insurance are a necessity — yet a rarity — for workers in the hospitality industry. However, health insurance is just one of many benefits that employees can enjoy. Offering your staff tuition reimbursement or bonuses based on revenue can go a long way in improving staff satisfaction. It’s also an excellent investment in your restaurant’s reputation surrounding ESG issues. Patrons want to visit restaurants where they see staff members getting fair treatment. 

Emphasizing Diversity and Inclusion

In addition to the fair treatment of staff, restaurant patrons want to see diversity in your team. It can be off-putting to go out to eat and see that everybody on staff is seemingly homogenous in terms of demographic and physical appearance. Your ability to cultivate a diverse team will depend on your restaurant’s area — and the applications you get — but it’s essential to invest in diversity whenever possible. Additionally, having the right insurance coverage can help prep you for the worst if you do need it. 

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