Safety Considerations for Nightclub Reopening

Posted on: August 26, 2020 by RMS Hospitality

Operating a nightclub presents several rewarding business benefits, but it also poses various risks, especially in today’s pandemic climate. Nightclub reopening strategies need to contend with their customers and employees’ safety while avoiding liabilities, crimes, potentially dangerous situations, and COVID-19 infections.

While some states and local jurisdictions are slowly allowing nightclubs to reopen, including NY bars and nightclubs, many believe that they will be the last to reopen among other services in general. This may look like a major setback for reopening nightclubs, but it also acts as an opportunity to ensure nightclub health and safety when reopening begins.

Clients in the nightclub industry should consider these operating risks to limit exposure to COVID-19 and general hazards.

Nightclubs in the Age of the Coronavirus

Scenes of masked clubbers in places like Italy and Korea spread this summer as those countries, and lesser-hit nations reopened nightlife, allowing people inside with certain guidelines attached. While it may be inconceivable to prevent people from partying and gathering closely once inside, some safety measures are possible.

First, clubs should scan potential customers’ temperatures at the door, and anyone with a temperature above a certain mark can be prevented from entering. Once inside, customers should be kept in groups of no more than four or five and keep their distance from other customers. Also, masks must be mandatory at all times, except when temporarily eating or drinking.

For employees, nightclubs can also make masks and gloves mandatory while also keeping their distance from other workers and customers. While this may take away from the traditional experience of going to a nightclub, these establishments can take steps to limit as much exposure as possible.

Safety Precautions

Other important safety considerations include knowing and adhering to the facility’s proper person accommodation limit to avoid a nightclub being overcapacity. Some nightclubs are only operating at 25 percent capacity right now, helping to limit as much contact as possible. Nightclubs can take whatever the recommended fire marshall-approved limit is for regular operations and divide by four to get this number. While this limited number may help from preventing fire hazards, going over it may present more risk around spreading the virus.

Illegal Activity & Liability Issues

Another issue for nightclub reopening is not following local guidelines and rules for operating a club in the age of COVID-19. Regardless of a present and threatening virus, nightclubs need to obtain the proper permits and business licenses, including one to operate a nightclub and liquor license. Owners and operators should check ID before selling liquor to anyone as failing to do so could result in fines and license loss.

When it comes to limiting exposure to risks related to illegal activity, establishments should have trained security to monitor the space regularly. Activities like gambling, illegal drug activity, underage drinking, sexual misconduct, or not keeping a distance from each other should all be prevented. This helps to avoid potential litigation, such as lawsuits from a parent of an underage teen or someone who felt their safety wasn’t protected when trying to keep their distance from others.

While there is still no vaccine for the coronavirus, nightclubs, bars, and restaurants can take preventative measures to limit as much contact between guests and employees as possible. While this may not completely rid the potential for exposure or transmission of COVID-19, it can help to cut down on the potential for its spread.

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