7 Steps to Keep Nightclubs Safe

Posted on: January 4, 2023 by RMS Hospitality Group

There are numerous methods to keep nightclubs safe, starting with addressing potential liabilities. Proactively addressing potential hazards can help establishments avoid considerable liability and maintain affordable access to nightclub program insurance.

Potentially Effective Methods to Keep Nightclubs Safe

Here are seven critical ways for nightclubs to keep people and property safe.

Get Input From Nightclub Program Insurance Providers

Insurance providers can benefit from playing an active role in helping clients develop comprehensive risk management strategies. Nightclub program insurance providers have seen various liability scenarios play out, and they have valuable insight to share on significant nightclub safety concerns.

Comply With All Building and Fire Code Regulations 

Full compliance with all applicable regulations is crucial for ensuring that an establishment will be safe for patrons and staff. Club operators must familiarize themselves with code provisions involving occupancy limits, fire prevention, and emergency egress. It is advantageous for them to partner with knowledgeable life and safety system service providers.

Use Video Surveillance Effectively

A well-designed surveillance system can help clubs keep a close eye on every part of their property. Cameras have a deterrent influence on criminal activity or other potentially dangerous conduct. Nonworking cameras represent a significant liability concern, so club owners should be vigilant about keeping their equipment in good working order.

Manage Ingress and Egress

Nightclubs need to limit access to the premises vigilantly. Assigning staff to cover the entrance will help them avoid going over capacity. It is advisable to set up access controls at additional entrances and arm emergency exits with alarms.

Establish Policies To Prevent Overserving

Nightclub personnel should have a strong understanding of the risks of overserving patrons. Training on recognizing the signs of overserving, and clearing managerial policies about intoxicated patrons, will equip employees to navigate tricky situations confidently and professionally.  

Train Staff in De-Escalation Tactics

When training staff on the fundamentals of how to keep clubs safe, managers should include how to use a de-escalation approach to handle conflicts with patrons. Intervening when people are conducting themselves in a way that could pose a danger to other patrons and removing individuals from the premises as safe as possible may protect both staff and invitees.

Review Nightclub Program Insurance Elections

Insurance agents should review coverage elections thoroughly with their nightclub clients before renewal dates. As these types of businesses grow and their regular operations evolve, their nightclub program insurance needs may change. With input from agents, club owners can make well-informed decisions about their risk management plans, life, and safety systems, and package policy endorsements. 

Ultimately, nightclubs’ operations management should strongly emphasize safety and security. By sharing some of the best safety practices with these clients, agents can help them build smart infrastructure and policies.

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