The Best Theme Ideas For Lounges

Posted on: April 19, 2023 by RMS Hospitality Group

To draw patrons into a lounge establishment, your commercial clients who operate lounges need a novel, attention-grabbing hook. Adopting fun themes can shape unique experiences for patrons and help proprietors maximize revenue.

Making Lounges Fun

Here are a few lounge theme ideas that might be an excellent fit for some of your clients in the hospitality industry.

Turn Lounges Into a Recreational Space

Allowing patrons to play games is a fantastic way to foster a lively atmosphere. One of the best things about facilitating group activities is that it gets patrons to interact with one another. A group of two or three people could have a blast with ten or more new friends.

To choose suitable game options for a lounge setting, consider physical limitations practically. If clients do not have a ton of square footage, trivia games or activities that do not take up a ton of space, such as table hockey or cornhole, might be good picks.

Lounge insurance providers should advise clients to refrain from hosting games that can be potentially dangerous. Activities with a considerable risk of injury could foreseeably result in accidents and claims against lounge insurance plans. 

Transport Patrons to an Exotic Locale

Giving lounges to have the feel of an island resort or a Mediterranean hideaway could make each outing there seem like a vacation. Beachy decor and casual seating can set the tone for a laid-back, fun-fueled ambiance. Proprietors can easily integrate destination lounge themes into their food and beverage selections, offering their local community a one-of-a-kind dining option.

Transform an Establishment Into a Time Machine

A theme that makes patrons nostalgic for bygone eras can be a big crowd-pleaser. For example, consider a theme paying homage to all things 80s with neon lights, chart-topping music, and pop culture memorabilia. It is an excellent decade because it appeals to members of several generations, including people born after the 80s.

One great benefit of this type of concept is that it sets the stage for great photo ops. Choosing themes and designing a layout that will inspire people to take group shots and selfies could prompt patrons to help spread the word about a lounge by posting pictures of their outings on social media.

Plan Upgrades to Lounges Carefully

Be sure to remind clients that connecting with you about significant changes to their establishment beyond simple aesthetic improvements is a good idea. Any use of the premises that substantially differs from its previous use might fall outside the scope of standard insurance programs for lounges. Significant changes may also give rise to building and fire code regulations, or they could be inconsistent with the permitted use of a property specified in an operating license or commercial lease.

Be ready to offer help and constructive support to clients who want to enhance their establishments. Share their enthusiasm and champion their goals while giving them practical risk management guidance.

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