How to Ensure Musician Safety in Venues

Posted on: March 11, 2020 by RMS Hospitality

Concerts are great places for music fans to come together to hear some of their favorite bands and singers play great tunes. But the music venue where these concerts are held can pose a number of potential risks, not only for those attending the concert, but the talent on stage, which brings music venue safety to the forefront.

From nasty trips and falls to physical altercations, musicians are probably the most exposed. While it’s important to keep guests safe and healthy during a concert, it’s just as important to ensure the safety of the musicians who come to play some of their favorite hits.

Here are some ways in which a music venue can ensure safety for the crowd, the musicians, and itself in the process.

A Foundation of Safety with Insurance

Music venue insurance should be established before any more issues arise at a venue. If a concert venue has been plagued with risks and claims related to safety issues with musicians, now is the perfect time to add a much-needed layer of safety before any more accidents happen.

Music venue insurance should offer liability coverage for live music locations and clubs as well as other hospitality venues. A comprehensive plan should be coupled with risk mitigation and claims services, including investigation assistance which can help to identify fraudulent claims. Before the lead singer of a rock band does another stage dive or someone feels compelled to throw a glass bottle at the drummer, it’s important to keep liability risk low with this coverage.

Tips to Keep Musicians Safe

A music venue should review its safety protocols on a regular basis to make sure it is doing what it needs to do to keep everyone involved in a production safe and well.

Here are some fundamental tips to utilize to not only keep musicians safe but guests and employees as well:

Keep Bottles and Drinks Off Stage

At more intimate venues, attendees like to get right up to the front. Some of those attendees carry drinks with them, which can end up creating a hazard for those on stage. With the general vibrations of amps and speakers causing a raucous experience, bottles can fall and roll and end up creating a safety hazard for musicians. Be sure to keep bottles and drinks off stage and even go as far as to prohibit drinks near the stage.

Tape Down Cables

While it can and should be the responsibility of a musician’s or band’s own road group, it still helps to cover the bases and ensure that all cables are taped down and out of sight. Tripping and falling hazards need to be sought out, exposed, and taken care of before a musician hits the stage.

Prohibit Smoking

Some musicians like to take a drag between sets, but it can be a major risk for not only the talent but everyone else. Cigarettes can fall and catch fire to an exposed wire, or pyrotechnics may be onstage for another band ready to play. Music venues need to prohibit smoking from all parties, including their own staff and those coming in to help set up.

Hire Extra Security

Some bands may not have it in their budget to hire their own security and have extra hands on deck to help keep musicians safe, but it is always a good rule of thumb to provide this if at all possible. Music venues can work with event-related third-party security teams to add a layer of security to protect the musicians from people in the crowd from doing things like climbing on stage or approaching them before or after a performance.

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