Attention Live Music Venues: Tips for Musician Success

Posted on: October 27, 2015 by RMS Hospitality

As we live in an age of so many new styles and genres of music, hosting a successful live music event is paramount. With the right combination of great music, quality acoustics and ambiance, your live music venue can be a hit in no time. In order to assure your venue is the local hot spot for up and coming and favorite bands, consider the following tips and obtain the proper Live Music Venue Insurance to protect your operations.

Venue Size and Guest Limit- Your location should be large enough to accommodate the bands you wish you play in your venue. For example, it might be difficult to fit an eight-member octet into a tiny bar and a solo guitarist may be overshadowed by a large stadium. The stage should be set to fit the performers you have. Next, ensure the stage is leveled and dry so the performers aren’t at risk of slipping or falling during their set.

According to Constant Contact, the general rule of thumb is that each musician takes up the space of about three people who are seated and facing each other comfortably. Bear this suggestion in mind when booking your next performers.

Musician Perspective- Some critical questions to ask when staging your venue for musical guests include: Would the musician be enthusiastic about playing at your location? Can they see the action happening? Are they able to get visual cues from directors and event planners? If the answer is yes, your venue is ideal.

Musician and Instrument Loading- Make sure there is designated space for musicians to load in their gear prior to the show. It is quite a hassle to manage all of the band members and instruments when they are double parked in a red zone or the closest parking is a few blocks away. In addition, assistance should be provided to musicians if there are flights of stairs to climb once they arrive at your venue. Handicap ramps and service elevators are a great way to allow easy accessibility, as well. Simple conveniences such as these will make your venue more attractive to potential clients.

Tuning- While certain atmospheric accents might look visually appealing, fireplaces, air conditioning and excessive sunlight can throw off an instrument’s tune. Consider these when preparing your stage.

At RMS Hospitality Group, we understand the risks involved with running a live music venue. However, our all-inclusive insurance packages seek to protect your venue, your property, and your operations to ensure your business is successful. To learn more, we invite you to contact our experts today at (888) 359-8390.

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