What Customers Are Looking for in their 2018 Dining Experience

Posted on: March 7, 2018 by RMS Hospitality

Most of the time people don’t comment on what goes right when they go out to eat, and instead get vocal when things go bad. With the advent of social media, diners have more avenues to express their regret in going to a certain restaurant, commenting on bad service, undercooked meat, a long wait, or other common complaints. Customer service is still the foundation of a successful restaurant, but what that means exactly can be interpreted in different ways.

From new tastes in menus to an evolving dining base spearheaded by millennial foodies, the hospitality industry is in the middle of redefining what it is customers are looking for when dining out. We’ve put together a list of what customers say is most important for them when it comes to dining out.

Be Sincere & Transparent

Guests want to feel that there are human beings working there. For as much technology there is distracting people, dining out is still a personable experience, so making sure you have a sincere approach to service matters. From making eye contact to getting honest about which plate is really the best, this all goes a long way when creating a cast of returning customers.

Restaurants can also keep things transparent for their own employees by investing in coverage like looking into hospitality insurance programs.

Be Reachable

People are wanting ease on every level when it comes to dining out. Just putting a sign out front that says you’re open or your coffee is the best in the city isn’t going to do it. Restaurant Insider suggests being social by starting up social media pages, updating your menus online, and creating a virtual experience that’s just as titillating as the in-person experience. This sort of research first, eat later experience is being spurred on by younger diners who have some money to burn (i.e. millennials).

Mix It Up

Seeing the same old thing on every menu—like seeing avocado toast in every restaurant and cafe—gets tiresome for diners. If your customer is looking for something new or has been to your establishment before and expects some variety, give it to them. Get creative with your menu like listening to feedback about food preferences, allergies, and other dietary restrictions. Restaurants that don’t have substitutions will see their customer base shrink. Dining is all about personalization, and restaurants need to get on board.

Knowledgeable Staff

Dining guests may have some questions that need answering; in fact they definitely will have questions that need answering. From menu options to drink specials, knowing what’s on the menu and what you’re offering that night is key to making a guest’s experience more comfortable and less stressful. Wine pairings, health information, and details about special menu items need to be discussed early and often.

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