The Most Effective Ways to Market Your Restaurant in 2018

Posted on: April 6, 2018 by RMS Hospitality

With the advent of social media and the push for a more digital-friendly atmosphere, restaurants of all kinds are seeing the impact that technology has on their business. Traditional word of mouth, while always important, has taken a backseat to clicks, likes, swipes, and reviews from typing-happy customers. In fact, some restaurants even jump on the train by promoting their own hashtags and social media handles to bring in new customers and keep current customers engaged.

Staying ahead of the curve is key, like encouraging investment in hospitality insurance programs to protect against restaurant claims. Building a marketing strategy is vital and here are some dependable and trending ways restaurants can market themselves.

1. Being Proactive in the New Hashtag Economy

Nation’s Restaurant News recently discussed about how fast food restaurants like Wendy’s, McDonald’s and Chik-Fil-A are taking social media even further with the implementation of location-based data to drive foot traffic. Food houses of all types are taking new measures to develop their brand and bring in new customers, and to do their best to not fall prey to the fact that 60% of restaurants fail.

2. Be Social Butterflies

Social media platforms are encouraging customer participation through trending hashtags, live video feeds, quick snaps, and even incentivizing customers to come in for a discount. Restaurants, cafes, and mom and pop coffee shops should be encouraged to create social media platforms and post regularly to let customers know they are engaged and invested in the same way they are.

3. Create an Email Marketing Plan

This is a vital strategy that effectively markets a place of business. There are two ways restaurants can grow their email list: by getting customers to fill out forms in-person at events or through a point of sale system, and by getting them to do this online. Email marketing is a way to bait customers and keep them invested in coming back as well as in what a restaurant is up to. From upcoming events to new menu items, there are endless items to include in an email campaign.

4. Social Payment

It’s not a surprise to look out and see someone with a professional camera take pictures of a pretty plate of food, or see someone snap a quick pic with their phone, slap a filter on it, and upload to Instagram. Restaurant owners can take advantage of this and incentivize customers with a discount if they share and promote their meal, drink or the restaurant as a whole on their feed. This plan will create a domino effect of influencing customers’ followers.

5. Keep A Clean Reputation

With the advantages of social media comes the downside of having a digital presence. Bad reviews or just one small negative note from a customer published on social media or review sites like Yelp can taint a restaurant’s reputation as a whole. Restaurants should make sure they’re not slacking on cleanliness, customer service, available items, or overall experience. Online reputation can also include being invested in customer feedback sent online. Having regular check-ins with comments and feedback can help open dialogue and create a bridge between customer and location.

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