Utilizing Digital Marketing Tips to Boost Franchises

Posted on: October 7, 2020 by RMS Hospitality

Many challenges come with owning and operating a franchise restaurant. From generating quality leads to allocating a budget to invest in new ideas and finding time to get everything done, restaurant franchising success depends on various factors. For clients in the industry who have been feeling overwhelmed, especially in a COVID-affected world, there are some steps to take to remind people they’re there to serve. Clients can achieve this by putting more focus on their marketing strategies. Whether it’s mastering social media tactics or enhancing the user experience through video and written content, franchises can implement these digital marketing tips to boost business.

Here are six ways franchise clients can utilize digital marketing to enhance their business.


One of the best digital marketing tips for franchises is the utilizations of personas to connect with customers. A persona is a description of a fictional individual, or potential customer characterization, who is highly likely to be interested in the franchise. Based on demographics and current franchisee profiles, a persona humanizes a target audience. Clients can use personas to put the right details out in messaging that goes in front of the right people in the right places.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is the practice of identifying keywords and phrases that prospective customers are most likely to use in an online search for a specific business. Keywords are usually written into blogs or landing pages to make content more relevant when Google or other search engines serve up their search engine response pages.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Another powerful search engine tool, SEM, places paid digital ads at the top of organic search results in places where they are more likely to be seen by a target audience. Much like SEO, SEM uses keywords that resonate and connect with customers, grabbing their attention, and making a client’s messages stand out from the competition.


Video content is becoming a majorly effective component of any marketing strategy, as nearly two-thirds of consumers say they make a purchase after watching branded videos. Video content is visually exciting and improves the findability on search engines. A great video is a powerful and effective way to let prospective customers see what it is offering. Whether it’s a new menu item or new deals, franchises can utilize this marketing tool to engage people visually.

Social Media

Social media is important to incorporate within any industry and especially in franchising, where branding is a significant component of how relevant a restaurant is. Social media is the voice of the brand, and when looking specifically at franchising, it is crucial to showcase that voice to consumers and potential franchisees. From Instagram stories to Tik-Tok videos, Facebook Live chats to connecting with the public on Twitter with the latest updates, franchises can see public interest rise with regularly updated social media pages and personalities.

Staying Protected with Franchise Select Program

No matter where they stand on digital marketing strategies, franchises need to operate with the right level of insurance to ensure they are protecting their brand. While marketing helps to boost branding efforts, operating with the Franchise Select Program from RMSHG helps keep that brand safe from liabilities.

Make sure your clients are taking their legal and reputational statuses as seriously as their branding and marketing efforts. Having this coverage protects them with liquor and general liability protection, giving them peace of mind during claims from customers. While franchises need to keep their attention geared toward improving their marketing strategies, there needs to be an emphasis on responsibility with this coverage.

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