How to Create a Great Jazz Club

Posted on: July 20, 2022 by RMS Hospitality

There are numerous ways to create a great jazz club that fascinates your clientele and encourages them to return. Jazz got hot at the turn of the 20th century as an amalgamation of American, European, and African musical traditions. It proved a trendy innovation, and its rich cultural history has inspired entire establishments dedicated to its performance. Indeed, the history of jazz clubs is almost as storied as jazz itself, so if your client is wondering where to start when creating a jazz club, they should know they have big shoes to fill.

Creating a Great Jazz Club

Several tips for building a great jazz club can help your client make a place where everybody feels welcome.

Recruit Great Talent

One of the essential aspects of any jazz club is the talent that is playing. If the music is good, people will come — but if it’s not, they won’t. Jazz club owners need to ensure that they have the best talent their town has to offer. To find this talent, they can post ads online, recruit from music programs at local colleges, and even hire local professionals. People come to jazz clubs to hear jazz, and a club must deliver on this promise.

Build an Exciting Menu

People will primarily be motivated to visit a jazz club based on the talents of the musicians, but they’ll be encouraged to spend money based on the quality of the drinks. For a jazz club, revenue will come from a cover charge, drink sales, or both. The most profitable clubs can generate revenue from multiple sources. To maximize sales, a jazz club must develop a menu filled with delicious drinks and tempting appetizers.

Create the Right Ambiance

The stereotype of the dimly-lit, smoke-filled jazz club has indeed fallen by the wayside. It is true, though, that ambiance is essential to any jazz club’s success. A club should have carefully selected lighting, a curated collection of wall art, and comfortable seating. These elements help in creating an attractive and immersive environment for guests. Guests should feel at ease when they are visiting a jazz club.

Budget for Major Expenses

It’s easy to focus on the fun stuff when planning for a jazz club opening. Who wants to pay attention to paperwork when booking exciting talent and to create a beautiful place? Still, it’s vital to tend to the most important administrative tasks and ensure that the project stays on budget. Jazz owners should not overlook jazz club insurance. Remind your clients of the importance of coverage and ensure they don’t omit this expense from their budget.

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