How to Host a Great Fourth of July Celebration

Posted on: July 4, 2018 by RMS Hospitality

Independence Day 2018 is already here and people are looking for opportunities to get patriotic and festive. A big pull for bars and restaurants, July 4th is one of the busiest holidays that offer patrons plenty of ways to celebrate together. For bars and restaurants, it’s important to plan ahead of time to accommodate large crowds and provide everything from the right amount of food and drink to entertainment onsite to keep everyone happy.

Preparation is key for bars in more ways than one. As mentioned above, your bar should be ready to take on huge crowds and full tables, and also prepare for any pitfall of having a packed house such as bar fights, drunken conduct and over-serving. In this case, having enough ribs to smoke and beer to pour is just as important as having a solid bar and tavern insurance plan in place.

Here are some ways to prepare for and throw a great July 4th celebration this year.

Timely Organization

Even small bars and quiet pubs see more foot traffic on festive holidays, such as Memorial Day, New Year’s, and July 4th. From pub crawls to all-day hangouts, people love to get out and celebrate with friends in family members in high quantities. Here are some quick hits to look over you open the doors on July 4th.

  • Write down a list of items needed way ahead of time, maybe even weeks out
  • Review your financial situation and determine the available finances for the holiday
  • Plan a menu and special offers and begin promoting on social media ahead of time

Make a Menu

Every bar knows that holidays call for special menus and special prices. Festive themed drinks and plates entice visitors to get in on the patriotic celebration, but also offering group deals and hour-by-hour discounts on the menu can keep the people happy.

If your bar offers burgers and fries, hot dogs and classic pub grub, there’s not much you have to create from scratch in ways of a new menu. But if your bar is built around another country, say an English pub or Irish tavern, there are creative ways to bridge the two/multiple countries.

Get Grilling

Tied to the previous point, people love to dig into plates full of grilled meats on July 4th. More than 190 million pounds of red meat and pork are purchases in the week leading up to the 4th, so sticking with this formula (and heading to the store to stock up) is key.

Setting up a grill outside your bar or tavern, especially in a block party setting, is a good idea when wanting to attract attention and customers. If laws permit, set up a grill in the days leading up to July 4th to get people prepared for your party.


Setting up a few flags and some red, white and blue bunting should not be the standard for any bar. Go beyond the quick pack you find at the bottom of the pile and go all-in on festive decorations. Some ways to do this is arrange flowers, streamers, and table top decorations that add a touch of patriotism. You don’t have to go too over the top, but having enough decorations around to stand out on your block and create an atmosphere of love of country will keep guests feeling festive.

Add Promotions

It’s great to have promotions in place to get people in the door, but the thing is they can be very typical. Sure, people love two-for-one happy hours, but throw some meaning behind your promotions to boost the experience. Some bars are opting to take advantage of crowds on July 4th by donating some proceeds to charities. This is a great communal idea and gets everyone involved in helping out local causes like children with disabilities, after school programs or veterans affairs. Get in touch with organizations ahead of time to set up ways to provide charitable funds after your party.

Another great way to add some promotional ideas to your 4th of July celebrations is to reward your guests. They could choose hundreds of places to hang out at for the 4th, and they came by yours. Reward them with a free drink or group discount or discounts on special menu items of the day.

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