The Do’s and Don’ts of Club Promoting

Posted on: March 9, 2016 by RMS Hospitality

Having a full-house is the best case scenario for any club. The more people, the more fun and the more revenue produced. With the help of club promoting, either by in-house members or from contracting an outside vendor, these tips can ensure the house is packed without increasing Nightclub Liability.

Do: Treat Customers like VIP

Club goers want to be feel special. Whether it’s with bottle service or skipping the line, the people that are recruited to visit the club should be treated specially. Club owners should be personable and socialize with each person to make sure the customers know they aren’t just trying to make a quick buck. Garner a positive reputation by being hospitable and professional while providing them with a great time.

Don’t: Get a Superiority Complex

While it may be overwhelming to have to socialize with everyone and host functions, club owners should keep a level head. If they aren’t able to service everyone, acknowledge each person but let them know that their request will be handled as soon as possible.

Do: Market the Nightclub

Especially since the market is so competitive, it’s important to stay relevant and trendy. Admit the demographic of people who represent the club best. In order to promote the club and attract these customers, set up a social media campaign to interact with clients. Next, hire a photographer for every event to showcase what a night at the club looks like.

Don’t: Rely on Word of Mouth

Posting pictures of the event and the fun people had will draw in more crowds than solely hoping the success of the club is spread by word of mouth. To take extra initiative, Club Planet says to start a newsletter to broadcast flyers to the club’s followers; since flyers are primarily visual objects, be sure to include images that will entice the eye.

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