How Bar Owners Can Improve Their Sales in 2023

Posted on: May 10, 2023 by RMS Hospitality Group

Bar Owners must always think creatively to increase sales annually, and there are specific steps they can take to get there. Your pubs & tavern program clients must work diligently to keep their sales up. As fears about the possibility of a recession have been looming over their industry, harnessing smart strategies to attract patrons and enhance sales volume could help alleviate potential revenue decreases.

What Bar Owners Can Do

Here are a few tactics bars can use to boost sales over 2023.

Social Media Marketing Campaigns for Bars

Social media is an excellent outlet for pubs & taverns to reach a large number of potential customers and also target niche demographics. This form of marketing is an excellent way for businesses to connect with people cost-effectively.

Outsourcing one or more facets of social media outreach and account management may be advantageous to a professional marketing service provider. However, bar operators should also advise their team members about looking for post-worthy moments. Posting videos and photos of a fun environment inspires people to check it out. 

Creating areas where customers can take fun or eye-catching group shots and selfies is a good idea. When customers share their pictures, it strengthens the establishment’s reach on social media.  

Networking with other businesses and locally based social media influencers is critical to appealing to people within a fixed locale. Leveraging their viewership could make a big difference in maximizing the impact of an outreach and engagement campaign.

Strategic Pricing and Promotions

When pubs & taverns price beverages too high, it puts off customers. In particular, establishments may need help attracting large groups and winning over new regulars. Furthermore, customers may be apt to order fewer drinks than they would if drinks were more affordable.

It is a good practice for bar owners and managers to conduct a comprehensive market analysis. Analyzing how much neighboring bars charge for drinks and pub fare can impart constructive insights on setting prices competitively.  

Drink specials and happy hours are a great way to boost business during off-peak hours. Bars that operate in areas with regulations prohibiting drink specials can take this approach with appetizers. Discounting food items can prompt customers to order more drinks and bolster sales.

Offering promotions on popular discount sites in the form of gift certificates or drink packages is an excellent tool for your pubs & taverns program insurance clients to engage customers through digital marketing. When businesses advertise alluring discounts, it incentivizes new customers to try them.

Special Events at Bars

Planning special events can be an outstanding opportunity for bars to increase earnings. Broadcasting live events such as sports or awards shows draws in large crowds. In addition, pubs & taverns should consider hosting special theme nights for karaoke lovers, trivia aficionados, or improv and stand-up comedy fans.

Marketing an establishment as a venue for special functions can go a long way toward improving bar sales. Hosting private parties can generate a boon in revenue during periods when business is waning.  

A few targeted tactics could dramatically boost your clients’ bottom line. Improving sales will increase the business’s financial health and enable them to apply more resources toward growth-oriented initiatives.

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