Why Bars and Assault and Battery Mix

Posted on: June 15, 2022 by RMS Hospitality

Bars and assault and battery often have an unfortunate relation to one another, especially when it involves alcohol. Bars represent a significant portion of the social scene for adults 21 and up. While these venues provide entertainment and relaxation, they also become a prominent spot for fights. After all, alcohol can magnify emotions, the better and worst of them.

The Risk of Assault and Battery

Your client’s bar remains at risk of lawsuits when these brawls occur. Owners didn’t tighten the fist, but, by law, they remain culpable. It’s imperative to discuss the need for assault and battery insurance, offering a layer of protection from other people’s actions.

Are Bars High Risk for Assault and Battery Incidents?

Alcohol affects the body, both physically and mentally. Likewise, patrons walk into a bar to grab a drink. Goals may vary. Some customers desire a break from the long day; others look to socialize with friends. While a few order water, most clientele enjoy beverages that impact their behavior. Their inhibitions decrease the longer they stay and the more they consume.

Verywellmind.com emphasizes that alcohol triggers and amplifies feelings. In addition, the group reports that alcohol increases impulsivity and decreases thinking and awareness of boundaries. This combination makes it more likely for someone to react. For example, someone may sip a beer in the corner, upset over personal issues. After a few libations, minor aggravations should set this customer off. The internal conflict turns physical, becoming aggressive. The wrong words quickly lead to punches. 

How Bars Can Protect Themselves From Assault Charges

A liquor license allows clients to serve alcohol lawfully. With that action comes great responsibility. Patrons may frequent an establishment and get into an altercation. Whether it’s inside or outside, it’s a business risk. In addition, staff actions to stop the event may also lead to legal cases.

Traditional commercial policies may not cover fights. Your clients need an assault and battery insurance plan that defends against multiple scenarios. For instance, coverage should safeguard against claims that security used too much force. Security teams may make physical efforts to get an intoxicated and unwelcome guest to leave the premises. Clients should have access to protection if a claim arises of excessive force or injury.

Furthermore, clients cannot control what people do once they exit. However, the law could find them liable. The bartender sold the drinks. Insurance acts as the security blanket for the unpredictable.

Meanwhile, owners should take caution. Owners should train employees well and keep enough security staff on duty to handle the crowds. Ensure the team understands when to cut off customers and recognize the signs of a potential fight.

Discuss security procedures with the team, and have cameras within the establishment. Documentation remains critical in providing the bar’s role and actions. Tapes validate security measures and show the bartender’s attention to patrons.

Alcohol changes people, and while most don’t get physical or last out, some will. Establishments should protect themselves from lawsuits by having assault and battery insurance, training employees, and investing in security measures.

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