3 Real Life Assault Scenarios for Bars to Prevent

Posted on: November 4, 2020 by RMS Hospitality

For any bar or nightclub that serves alcohol, a potential altercation, such as a fight, shouting match, or sexual assault, is always on the minds of owners and managerial staff, and rightfully so. According to a $1 million study by the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, a mixture of dark and dirty bars and heavy drinking by less agreeable people tend to open the door to more assault scenarios. While this result might sound unsurprising, it does paint a picture of how important it is to prepare for altercations and try to stop them before they start.

Here are three examples of assault scenarios that occur at bars and how clients in the bar industry can prevent them.

A Classic Bar Fight

Alcohol-related incidents can cause bodily damage and turn into bigger fights and confrontations that put innocent people in harm’s way. While bar owners cannot always prevent every incident from happening, they can reduce their risk by following easy steps.

It’s essential to plan ahead when hosting big gatherings or expecting bigger crowds, such as primetime fights or professional sports games. Bar owners should set safety measures well in advance of these events, such as added security and limiting drinks, as well as letting their employees and security staff know how to manage customers who become intoxicated appropriately.

Bar Crawl Patrons

While it’s excellent for all bars to be on a bar crawl route, if owners find themselves at the end of the crawl, they could host some patrons who have quenched their thirst already. Bar owners should inform their staff that it’s okay to refuse additional service to any patron who comes in and is already under the influence of alcohol.

By serving more alcohol to someone who’s already drunk, a bar owner is substantially escalating their risk of a lawsuit if the person becomes injured, causes property damage, or, worse yet, injures someone else in the bar or outside of the bar.

Random Assaults

Even if someone has only had one drink—or no drinks, for that matter—staff should keep an eye out for potentially erratic behavior. Customers can be unpredictable and cause damage to the bar or create uncomfortable situations for other patrons at the bar. From awkward conversations to unwanted advances, these scenarios can escalate into potentially hazardous problems.

Suppose an unpredictable customer happens to cause problems, fighting with other patrons, or making unwanted advances on others. In that case, staff should reduce the potential for further damage through de-escalation techniques, such as installing more cameras, hiring more security, and keeping staff observant of how customers treat each other and how much they’re drinking.

Preventing Legal and Financial Fallout Through Insurance

Bars can limit these situations from happening as well as determine the potential for liabilities. A general liability insurance plan with Assault & Battery Insurance coverage is usually the best way for bar owners to protect themselves in the event of a fight or assault of any kind.

Assault & Battery Insurance helps clients in the bar and nightlife industry mitigate financial losses and legal matters. This insurance may cover bodily injury and property damage from the security staff’s actions. Without this add-on, clients could find themselves with a rather costly gap in coverage and protection against the wide range of potential claims.

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