Publicizing Your Restaurant Business on a Budget

Posted on: September 28, 2015 by RMS Hospitality

While superior product and customer service are the foundations for a successful restaurant, promoting your restaurant can help to boost business and combat competition. In addition to Hospitality Insurance, consider the following budget friendly publicity tips.

Avoid Comparison- Simply because another restaurant has a big PR budget that does not equate to superior service or food. While experts recommend using big budget campaigns as a creative reference, comparing your business to theirs is considered a rookie mistake that limits your opportunities.

Examine Infrastructure- Rudolph Waldner, author of Marketing from the Trenches, stated “You’ve got to create a solid infrastructure using the three P’s- your People, Place of Business and Business Partners.” As these components are a prime equation for success, he emphasizes “Are you ready for a line out the door? Can everyone talk about the specials of the day and upcoming promotions? Is the store clean and signage maximized? If so, you may be ready to give a big-budget competitor a run for their money.”

Partner Up- Teaming up with local charities can assist with increasing foot traffic. Hosting local events and parties is a great way to gain PR attention without breaking the bank. By allowing events to take place at your restaurant in exchange for using their PR budget can drive traffic to your restaurant.

Personalize Customer Experience-As marketing materials are intended to be viewed by the masses, it is critical to customize them. Including a personal message from the chef, notifying consumers of new items, and even writing a column to submit to the local paper are all inexpensive ways to get your name recognized.

Press Relationship- CEO of Duke Marketing Linda Duke says “PR is about developing relationships. Take the time to get to know a writer and they may consider you a source of information to call in the future.” Establishing and maintaining a relationship with local press can promote your restaurant for years to come.

Email Marketing and Social Media- Capture the emails of customers who visit your restaurant and reach out via email. In addition, post new events, specials, and news on your social media page as these are both free ways to promote your business.

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