Safety Tips for Attending a Holiday Concert

Posted on: December 7, 2022 by RMS Hospitality Group

A holiday concert can be a very efficient way to generate extra income, but organizers must understand safety strategies. You often know this is nearing when you start to hear holiday music. It’s no wonder, then, why concerts are such a popular activity during the holidays. Whether you’re going to see live Christmas caroling or simply attending a performance in the winter, there are a few things concertgoers must do to stay safe.

The Holiday Concert Safety Checklist

Live music venues program insurance can minimize many liabilities, but staying safe at a holiday concert requires additional caution, including the following four tips.

Invest in Live Music Venues Program Insurance

Many unique risks emerge during the holiday season. According to research, people typically drink more alcohol during the holiday season, which can increase the risk of alcohol-related incidents and injuries at a live music venue. Investing in a liquor liability policy can mitigate this risk for venue management, but it’s also essential to protect against other risk factors. A live music venues program insurance policy can offer this protection.

Be Aware of Unsavory Winter Weather Risks

Unsavory weather conditions are one of the unique winter risks that venues must deal with. It is especially true if conditions such as snow, ice, or sleet occur in the area outside the venue. Concertgoers will likely track snow and ice into the venue, quickly making the floor a significant liability for slip-and-fall accidents. Music venues must anticipate this risk and ensure floors are free from debris or water. Installing doormats or carpeting can cut down on this risk.

Always Adhere to the Venue’s Capacity Limits

Unfortunately, there are many tragic incidents in which concertgoers have ignored a venue’s capacity limits. The resultant overcrowding is a significant risk to attendees; sometimes, it can even cause death. It was the case in Itaewon, South Korea, when Halloween festivities turned deadly. Also, thousands of people packed into the district’s narrow streets, and the overcrowding took 156 lives. Venues must vigilantly monitor the capacity of the building to prevent tragedies like this from happening. Additionally, venues must also ensure that concertgoers remain in the seat that their ticket indicates.

Ensure Your Clients’ Live Music Venues Program Insurance Is Up to Date

The holidays are a joyous time, but they can also bring about many risks — especially for live music venues. Mitigating these risks is not just a matter of financial liability. In many cases, it’s a matter of life and death. Negligence can become fatal when a venue fails to maintain safety for attendees. You can help your music venue clients minimize risk by sharing these four tips and developing the right live music venues program insurance policy.

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