Creating the Perfect Promotion for the World Cup

Posted on: November 9, 2022 by RMS Hospitality

Bars are already thinking of creating the perfect promotion for the World Cup as the worldwide event inches closer. The only thing better than watching a game is watching a game while drinking a beer. That’s probably why so many sports bars fill up to capacity during the World Cup. If you insure hospitality clients, you can help them prepare for the World Cup by connecting them with the right sports bar program insurance. A general liability policy can provide the best insurance for sports bars by protecting establishments from common operational risks.

How to Execute The Perfect Promotion for the World Cup

You can also offer four tips to help any bar draw a crowd on game day.

Promote the Bar’s Strengths

Every bar has its unique strengths. Some are known for friendly bartenders, while others are known for gargantuan TVs. When a bar is developing a promotional strategy for the World Cup, it should consider what strengths are the most likely to attract customers. For sports enthusiasts, this is likely to be a TV that can display the details of the game in crisp detail.

Go All-Out on the Theme

Sports fans will also be drawn in by themed décor that reflects the World Cup. International flags, soccer balloons, and similar accessories can take a bar’s ambiance to the next level and genuinely infuse a celebratory spirit. Bars can also promote game day by hosting themed events leading up to the big day. Soccer trivia events, for example, are a great way to get everybody excited about the match. The World Cup theme should be at the forefront of the bar as the start of the worldwide event approaches.

Tell Customers To Bring Friends

It’s also vital for bar staff to encourage patrons to bring friends. According to statistics, 86% of customers trust word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family. Bars can incentivize customers to spread the word by offering special discounts and other bonuses. No matter how much effort a bar puts into its World Cup celebration, it’s likely to fall flat if the turnout isn’t good enough. Sports bars can also invest in marketing as the World Cup approaches to attract new customers.

Offer Great Deals on Drinks

One of the most reliable ways to attract customers is to offer great deals on drinks. When a patron decides which bar they’ll go to on World Cup day, they’ll likely choose the establishment that offers better deals. Bars should also consider offering discounts on appetizers, such as nachos, mozzarella sticks, or other bar food staples. Maximizing the menu is essential for boosting profits and attracting customers — especially on a big day like the World Cup. Sports bars should promote drinks and food deals to encourage customers to buy.

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