Crafting the Best Sports Bar Food Menu During Football Season

Posted on: November 2, 2022 by RMS Hospitality

When football season arrives, every sports bar must step up its game for customers to entice them into returning to their establishment. An organized strategy helps ensure that the season is profitable. Owners must determine the potential number of patrons, create the perfect menu, plan specials, prepare staff, and secure sports bar program insurance to protect assets.

Acquiring Essential Coverage With Sports Bar Program Insurance

All food establishments should have general liability insurance. However, the added traffic during football season and the unique risks of sports bars make getting the right policy type critical. Any time a business serves alcohol, owners have additional concerns. Combining alcohol with passionate football fans and team rivalries increases the potential for problems. After owners obtain specialized insurance coverage for sports bars, they can move on to menu planning.

Creating a Winning Food Menu for the Sports Bar

The TVs, team spirit, and attentive staff are essential, but the food selections can make or break a bar’s success during football season.

Drawing Customers With Game Day Food Specials 

One way to attract patrons is by offering food specials before, during, or after the games. Likewise, 

Reducing the price of a popular appetizer on game days and having drink specials an hour or two before kickoff gets people in the door and encourages them to stick around. Offering a discount based on a home team’s score for a limited time following games can also boost numbers.

Making It Easy With Finger Food

People don’t want to invest much effort into eating while watching games. Food is crucial, but the focus is on the game. Items customers can pick up while yelling at the TV are the best route to ensuring happy fans. Bars should consider serving familiar favorites, including:

  • Pizza or tacos
  • Smoked brisket sandwiches or ribs
  • Buffalo wings or sliders
  • Loaded nachos or fries
  • Deep-fried mac and cheese or mozzarella sticks

Creating Combo Platters for the Sports Bar

People are likely to bring friends with them to watch the games. Restaurant and pub owners can eliminate decision-making for patrons by offering large plates with a variety of small bites so there is something for everyone. Doing this enables friends to share the food, spirits, and fun while watching the games together.

Keeping it Sweet

Delicious food, fun drinks, and excellent company ensure a great game night out. Sports bars can keep customers returning by offering irresistible sweet treats. Desserts like funnel cake fries, mini donuts, milkshakes, skillet cookies, or fruit hand pies keep it simple but scrumptious.

Getting the Word Out About the Sports Bar

Once the menu and events are ready, bars must ensure the community knows what they’ve got going on. Decorating for football season, posting on social media, advertising game days, giving away football-themed merchandise, and naming food or drinks after football players or terms are excellent ways to attract hungry fans. With tasty snacks, team spirit, and the right sports bar program insurance, owners can plan on a winning football season.

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