Sourcing Locally: Making a Case for Restaurants

Posted on: October 28, 2020 by RMS Hospitality

More restaurants are turning to their local neighborhood food suppliers and local farming systems for fresh, flavorful foods. Local foods are finding their way to all kinds of different types of restaurants, from fine dining to casual corner cafes. But does sourcing locally cost too much? Is it hard to come by? Will loyal diners react well?

Read on to get a better understanding of why restaurants should start sourcing locally grown ingredients.


The average commute for fruit and vegetables in the U.S. is 1,500 miles. For that reason, the produce that restaurants get is mostly commercially grown and engineered to withstand long hauls. Local foods travel a fraction of that distance and still maintain their appearance, taste, nutrients, and freshness, without any bioengineering involved.

Protects the Local Environment

Local foods are generally easier on the environment than large-scale farms. They use less energy and less water for harvesting and transportation. Plus, many small farms are organic and don’t use pesticides, hormones, or other chemicals. Buying local foods is just one way that restaurants can go green.

Marketing Benefits

Restaurants can add terms like “farm-fresh” and “locally sourced,” all helping to speak to its commitment to helping local small farms and food businesses. While the taste might not be that much different, restaurant clients will be able to give their customers a good feeling that they’re helping out local efforts.

Not as Pricey as You’d Think

When people hear the term “locally sourced,” they might have an idea that it costs a pretty penny. While a few small farms can compete with wholesale food distributors for steep discounts, their prices aren’t always higher. And when you consider the higher quality of local produce, you are getting a better value in the end. It can also help restaurants save money and make room for much-needed items like NY restaurant risk management insurance to protect against various liabilities.

Helps Spark Menu Creativity

While loyal customers like tried and true menu items, it doesn’t hurt to shake things up a little bit at a time with locally sourced food. Because local foods are seasonal, restaurants need to rotate their menus. While that may seem like a lot of work, it’s a good thing. This provides customers with the chance to try new dishes while supporting local farms and food businesses at the same time.

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