Prepare Your Venue for Winter Weather

Posted on: November 23, 2022 by RMS Hospitality

It is essential to prepare your venue for winter weather to avoid any issues that might arise when colder temperatures arise. Music venues are a popular destination for anybody who enjoys the fun of live performances, but joy can quickly get interrupted if liabilities come to fruition. It is especially true in wintertime when many unique risks can occur and threaten an establishment. Venue management must be cognizant of these risks and take steps to protect patrons. Investing in the right music venue insurance is essential to this task.

Prepare Your Venue for Winter Weather Hazards with These Steps

Find out what else live music venues should do to minimize risks in winter and ensure that attendees stay safe during events.

Implement a Music Venue Insurance Risk Mitigation Plan

In addition to obtaining a music venue insurance policy, management should also invest in comprehensive liability insurance to cover general business liabilities. Indeed, securing sufficient insurance can massively reduce a venue’s risk, and developing a risk mitigation plan can also help. A risk mitigation plan should include an outline of the liabilities that most commonly affect operations — for example, property damage or liquor liability — and explicate protocol for minimizing these risks. The plan should identify each staff member’s role in reducing risk throughout daily operations.

Identify Unique Wintertime Liabilities

Music venue management must account for more than general business and premises liability — especially when winter arrives, and unique exposures emerge. During winter, event attendees are far more likely to track in snow, rain, and sleet when they enter the venue. Slips and falls will happen, and venue owners must prepare for it. When inclement weather arrives, a venue may install temporary carpeting, for example, so that slick surfaces don’t increase the likelihood of injury.

Invest in a Venue Crisis Response Plan

Some liabilities will still exist even if a live music venue invests in risk mitigation strategies. Rather than betting that these liabilities will never occur, venues should proactively plan for the possibility that they do. If the snow in the wintertime does indeed cause a slip-and-fall accident, for example, a venue must have a clear protocol for dealing with this situation. The injured party should receive medical care, and management should complete an incident report document.

Get Protected With Music Venue Insurance

Music venue insurance is the only kind of coverage that caters to the unique exposures that face live performance venues. This coverage is vital year-round, but it’s even more critical when winter causes risks such as slip and fall accidents to increase. Venue managers should invest in a policy for protection. More importantly, management must identify any safety issues that emerge in winter so that concertgoers aren’t at risk. Insurance agents can partner with venue clients to address and insure these exposures.

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