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Uniquely, at RMS HG it is our view that our panel counsel serve a key and integral part of complete service. Additionally we emphasize the importance of staying on the cutting edge of the laws that effect you. Knowledge and experience is paramount at RMS HG.

The firms identified on this page are partners with RMS HG and have written this content for the benefit of our insureds and hospitality businesses. These firms aggressively advocate for our insureds and assist RMS HG in providing the complete service. The blog below is sample of their expertise in this class and underscore the importance of having counsel that have significant experience in hospitality business and know how to work with businesses like yours.

The Pitfalls of Reliance on a “Reverse” Dram Shop Act

By Joseph Cartolano, Angela Alvero, Law Offices of Cartolano & Alvero, P.A

Law Offices of Cartolano & Alvero 12955 Biscayne Blvd. Ste. 324 Miami, Florida  33181 Tel:  (305) 899-6842       Fax:  (305) 899-6849 Joseph Cartolano [email protected] Angela Alvero [email protected] In March of 2010, a motorcyclist, on his way home to his wife and their grandchild, was struck by a motorist who had been drinking continuously for the previous […] Read More

Arizona’s Liquor Liability for Clubs, Restaurants and Bars

Chris Enos and Bill Ruben

GOERING, ROBERTS, RUBIN, BROGNA, ENOS & TREADWELL-RUBIN, P.C. 3567 E. Sunrise Drive, Suite 101 Tucson, AZ 85718 Tel: (520) 577-9300 Fax: (520) 577-0848   Chris Enos [email protected] Bill Rubin [email protected] Dram Shop cases in Arizona are, in part, governed by statute.  However, plaintiffs are not barred from seeking recovery if they cannot meet the statutory […] Read More

An Overview of Texas Dram Shop Liability

Adam B. Reed, Meyer Friedman Reed, PLLC

Adam B. Reed Meyer Friedman Reed, PLLC Dallas, Texas     Under Texas law, a provider of alcohol may be liable for the damage caused by an intoxicated person served by the provider. Commonly known as “Dram Shop Liability,” such liability involves both concepts of vicarious liability (the liability one person for the negligence of […] Read More

Are You Also a “Security Guard Company”?

Steven H. Rosenfeld

  By Steven H. Rosenfeld-  Havkins Rosenfeld Ritzert & Varriale, LLP, New York, New York. [email protected] New York Law – specifically Article 7-A of the General Business Law, known as the Security Guard Act of 1992 (NY GBL §89-e et. seq.) – requires security guard companies to maintain general liability coverage for death and personal […] Read More

Big Brother is Watching

Jan Trendowski, Trendowski & Allen, P.C. Legal Solutions

Trendowski & Allen, P.C. Legal Solutions 401 Center Street Wallingford, CT 06492 Tel. 203-678-4376 Fax 203-793-7348 Jan Trendowski [email protected] With the advent of inexpensive video recorders, there is rarely an incident on the face of the planet that is not videotaped in some fashion. Instead of interviewing witnesses, many police investigations now begin with collecting videos […] Read More

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