What Restaurants Should Do to Prevent Contamination

Posted on: February 20, 2019 by RMS Hospitality

Cross-contamination from unsanitary practices in kitchens can be detrimental to any restaurant. From cafes to coffee shops, fast food to elegant dining, all food prep should avoid creating contamination in the kitchen. This can lead to foodborne illnesses which can cause even bigger issues for your business.

More than 300 people were sick after a romaine E. coli outbreak took over the United States last year. The contaminated produce made its way to restaurants and caused major issues among consumers. What’s more, foodborne illnesses affect as many as 76 million Americans each year. From liability risks to a hurt reputation, it’s important to go over the ways in which contamination can be avoided.

Staying Covered

Restaurants have the opportunity to invest in the right kind of restaurant insurance that can protect their financial well-being as well as their reputation. Even if a claim turns out to be false, the allegation alone is enough to do damage to a restaurant’s name. This can hurt your customer-base. This is the right opportunity for restaurant insurance, which can help provide the finances of court fees and legal costs.

Personal Hygiene

Restaurants should push for hard rules around the personal hygiene of their employees. There should be standards in place to make sure that all employees, from cooks to servers to hosts, are diligently taking care of their hygiene so to not affect customers in any way. Hands should always be washed and dry after using the restroom handling money, handling dirty dishes, and more. Employees should also never wipe their hands on an apron or their clothes and always come to work clean and presentable.

Separate Food and Equipment

The way employees handle food and equipment is extremely important and takes plenty of care. Each different kind of food should be handled and prepped with clean equipment, such as raw meat and fresh produce being cut with a different knife. Gloves should also be changed out for every different kind of food that is being prepared and stations can even be color coded to allow for the right organization.

Keep Surfaces Clean

This may sound like an easy thing to follow, but there are so many times when it isn’t. Surfaces should be washed and cleaned often to ensure that all spaces are sanitized. Before and after food is prepared, employees should be diligent about their cleaning methods to make sure that the next orders can be prepped without any chance of contamination. Beyond just food prep stations, things like utensils, cutting boards and tables should all be kept clean as well.

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