A Vital Relationship: Sports Bars & Assault Liability

Posted on: June 19, 2015 by RMS Hospitality

Anyone who frequents sports bars or clubs has likely witnessed some form or another of an altercation between patrons or even employees. Although unfortunate, these instances are quite common. Making sure your sports bar is protected with a NY Assault & Battery Liability policy will safeguard your clients against potential financial loss and even litigation.

Assault and battery typically go hand in hand; however, there is a distinct difference between the two. US Legal defines assault as any unlawful attempt or offer with force or violence to do bodily harm to another, whether from ill will or extreme carelessness. On the contrary, the same site defines battery as the actual inflicted injury.

Although general liability is necessary for your sports bar, do you know what exactly would be covered in the event of an assault and battery charge against your establishment? Usually coupled with alcohol, these claims can cost your business an immense amount in damages and even cause you to shut down. An assault and battery policy is essential to adding to your policy to guarantee coverage and protection.

Let’s take a look at a specific case that happened not too long ago and its effects on the bar. Just last year, a devastating incident occurred at a Statesboro, Georgia bar called Rude Rudy’s. Michael Gatto was only 18 when he was beaten to death by Grant James Spencer, an off duty bouncer of the bar. Although Spencer was charged with aggravated battery and felony murder, Rude Rudy’s was not able to recover.

Rude Rudy’s owner Jonathan Starkey permanently closed the bar voluntarily per agreement with the city and forfeited his liquor license. It is now being petitioned that every sports bar and establishment that carries alcohol in the state of Georgia be required to carry assault and liquor insurance policies.

At RMS Hospitality Group, we understand the risks sports bar owners face. Because minor and severe incidents occur frequently, your clients shouldn’t hesitate to protect their investment. We have over 20 years of experience providing insurance solutions to specialty niche markets and offer comprehensive coverage for a variety of risk exposures. To learn more about our offerings, give us a call today at (888) 359-8390.

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