Preventing Cross-Contamination in Restaurants

Posted on: February 8, 2016 by RMS Hospitality

The spread of pathogens from food or unkempt surfaces can lead to devastating effects on restaurant patrons. Surfaces including tables, prep stations, utensils and equipment need to be properly sanitized on a regular basis to reduce Restaurant Liability. Here are four steps to take to ensure safe food handling and cleanliness.


Personal Hygiene Regulations

Implementing and enforcing hygiene expectations for employees can reduce the risk of contamination. This includes enforcing the use of gloves, hand washing, and bathing. Further, clean clothing should be obligatory and proper hair restraints should be worn at all times. The National Restaurant Association states that policies should be put in place to make sure food handlers come to work healthy, including actions such as reporting illnesses and covering wounds, as well.

Wash Hands

Particularly after using the restroom or handling raw poultry and seafood, employees need to wash their hands. Further, they should dry their hands with a paper towel or a hand dryer rather than using a contaminated cloth or part of their uniform.

Equipment Separation

Separate equipment based on the type of food they are meant to prepare. For example, one set of utensils and cutting boards should be dedicated to poultry, a different one for raw meat, and another for produce. Color coordinating these tools will help prevent confusion.

Clean Work Surfaces

All work surfaces should be sanitized thoroughly. Utensils, silverware, pans, etc. should be sanitized after each use. Bear in mind that simply rinsing these items with water is not enough to rid the surfaces of any pathogens. Instead, use heavy-duty cleaners and rinse thoroughly with hot water. For tables, use disinfectant spray and wipe down with disposable cloths.

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