Prevent Foodborne Illness: Food Separation

Posted on: May 23, 2017 by RMS Hospitality

In the next installment of our article series on preventing food contamination, we’re going to take a closer look at how to keep foods separate in your restaurant to minimize cross contamination. We’ve already discussed the implications that sanitization and cleanliness have on your operation, which is equally important. This time, food separation is on the menu. In addition to addressing your client’s Restaurant Insurance needs, complete with a Foodborne Illness policy, share the following information with them.

Separate food items.

As we mentioned in a previous blog, separating raw poultry, fish, and beef is the first step to reducing foodborne illness. Cross contamination between any of these ingredients can lead to E. coli, food poisoning, salmonella, and more.

To make it easier, color-coordinate the prep surfaces, utensils, and storage containers that house these individual products. One color for poultry, one for fish, and one for beef can make prepping and cleaning much simpler.

Be sure to remind all kitchen staff of the importance of proper prep practices, as one mistake can have a domino effect in the kitchen.


According to Minnesota Department of Health, always marinate food in the refrigerator, not on the counter. Sauce that is used to marinate raw meat, poultry, or seafood should not be used on cooked foods, unless it is boiled just before using.


Utensils, cutting boards, and cookware that are used to handle and cook raw foods contain bacteria and potential pathogens. Separate knives, cutting boards, serve ware, and more to ensure no bacteria is spread from the raw foods to the cooked ones.

Your clients should be advised to dedicate one of each of the above-mentioned items to poultry, vegetables, meat, and fish. This way, the spread of bacteria can be significantly minimized.

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