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Posted on: April 13, 2018 by RMS Hospitality

Bars may promote a different theme for every night like Taco Tuesday or Whiskey Wednesday, and have big weekends when holidays hit. But there are those slow nights and seasons when getting consistent foot traffic is a struggle. One thing bars can do to keep said foot traffic slow and low is to not change and adapt.

Bars, gastropubs, lounges, taverns, etc., should be places where people gather to socialize and on a regular basis. But with a surge in restaurant culture, alternative nightlife options like pop-up nightclubs and raves, traditional bars have plenty of competition. If bars want to attract, engage and keep customers coming in their doors, there are plenty of ways to promote and market in an age of digital savvy.

Target Your Online Advertising

Using online advertising isn’t a new component to getting the word out about bars and nightlife, but it’s also something that continually needs to be progressed. If a bar offers online reservations they can measure the return on investment of advertising efforts.

And since most businesses have social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, they can use them to advertise at specific times of the day and year. These targeting capabilities will only help to ding new and current customers to make their way in.

For example, bars can offer up a special discount or promote a party around a holiday weekend like July 4th or Halloween, typically big days to bring in social drinkers.

Define Goals

Having a rough outline on what they want to achieve can set up bars for major failures. They need to get specific about the goals they want to set and hit. The following goals could include things like:

  • Looking into what competitors are doing with promotions and finding ways to top them
  • Getting people to come earlier for happy hour and leave later
  • Keeping a lively atmosphere
  • Convincing people to spend more money on spirits and food with promotions
  • Introducing new drinks and food menu items, and entertainment options

Having defined goals will help to assess marketing ideas based on what a bar can accomplish. At least having a figure in mind will help to have some sort of navigation.

Give People A Taste Online

Having an online menu, and a constantly updated menu at that, can help customers know exactly what they can get before heading over. Having a fresh menu will entice people to come in for standby plates or to try new beers on tap.

Since people search more in general terms on Google or in websites like Yelp, with searches like “places to get tacos,” it’s smart to have an online menu ready to go. Getting listed high up on Google’s index can help bars and taverns get discovered more easily.

Host Live Entertainment

Live music is always a great way to attract a crowd. Turning part of a bar into a music hall can help to pack people in tightly, in which case bar and tavern insurance is a great suggestion. But hosting live entertainment events (also including poetry reading, author events, freestyle nights) can also help boost local artists and the community. Bars can be great places to discover great local talent and bring in a loyal following.

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