Marketing Lessons for Comedy Clubs

Posted on: July 14, 2016 by RMS Hospitality

While there’s no shortage of marketing techniques in this digital age, some are undoubtedly more successful than others. For instance, comedy clubs have continued to thrive nationwide- and that’s not by accident. If your clients are in need of some revenue-boosting tips, share these fool-proof marketing techniques with them. Even more importantly, however, is ensuring they are protected with a customized Comedy Club Insurance Program.

Two-Drink minimum.

Setting clear expectations for the guests will boost revenues. Not only are they paying for the ticket to enter but they’re also paying for at least 2 items on the menu. Let customers know upon the ticket purchase that this is required and promote drinks and food items!

Get the audience “warmed up.”

Getting the audience warmed up means that they are geared up and excited for what is about to come. As a traditional comedy show includes a host/emcee, an opener, a feature, and a headliner, it’s the host’s job to increase the crowd’s energy and motivate them to laugh, have fun, and purchase drinks.

Dim the lights.

Once the performer begins, dim the lights to have the audience focus on them. There is an old marketing saying that “a confused mind always says no.” In other words, if people have too many choices, they won’t know which one to pick, so they’ll pick nothing instead of a potentially wrong choice, says 23 hours. Not only does this allow the audience to get more comfortable, it promotes drink sales.

Don’t forget the backend.

While big name performers are likely to bring the crowds in, don’t stop at a two-drink minimum. Instead, offer merchandise such as t-shirts, CDs, or mugs to sell alongside the food and beverages. This will increase revenues tenfold and keep customers coming back.

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