Integrating Locally Sourced Food Onto the Menu

Posted on: September 15, 2016 by RMS Hospitality

It’s no secret that fresh, organic foods are in high demand. As food and restaurant trends move away from fast food to locally sourced and sustainable ingredients, your clients should be integrating these items onto their menus to stay relevant and profitable. With that said, share the following information with them about how to improve their menus. Even more importantly, protect their operations with a customized Restaurant Insurance Program to mitigate loss and financial burden.

Go to farmer’s markets.

Establish working relationships with farmer’s markets in your city. Not only will you gain access to quality and fresh ingredients, but you will never go without a necessary item. Do your best to network with the growers and providers who you wish to supply the freshness to your restaurant.

Do the research.

Dine at your competitor’s restaurants and see what locally sourced ingredients they use. They will often make a mention to the grower on the menu, so if you like the product, consider contacting them to supply your restaurant, as well. Know what products are in season at what times so that you can plan your menu accordingly.

Develop a sustainable food supply.

Whether it’s with a cheese guild or growers’ associations, establishing these relationships can be cost-effective and provide consistency for your menu and your customers.

Manage expectations.

According to the National Restaurant Association, know what to say when customers complain if a favorite dish is out of season and no longer on the menu. It’s not always easy to explain that the parsnips they had one day might not be available the following week, says Karen Malody, a consultant for Culinary Options in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

At RMS Hospitality Group, we strive to provide the proper protections for your restaurant. From liquor liability to property protection, our specialized coverages can be custom tailored for your needs. For more information, contact us today at (888) 359-8390.

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