Important Safety Tips for Crowd Control in Live Music Venues

Posted on: July 24, 2019 by RMS Hospitality

Nights out at live shows continue to be a great way for music fans to see their favorite artists and discover new ones. But wherever there’s a crowd, there’s the potential for safety issues that can cause harm to anyone within earshot. Music festivals have been known to have safety concerns of their own with large crowds and obstacles that can increase risks and create a number of management problems for venue staff.

Music venue managers have a duty to their attendees to create a safe environment while enhancing the overall experience that people want to see and hear. It’s important that all those involved in the planning process of an event make safety the highest priority to avoid injuries, claims, and costly legal battles that can ensue.

Here are a few crowd control tips that can be used to ensure the safety of a show’s attendees while also keeping music venue insurance claims and liabilities minimized.

Hire Enough Ushers and Security

Being understaffed may be able to fly at something like a corner cafe, but not having enough personnel on hand at a live music event can be costly. A big event needs a large staff presence to handle the overall size of the crowd and the safety concerns that can arise.

Music venue managers should look into third-party security and event staffing companies that can provide the required staff size to ensure safety all around. A music venue should include ushers who are responsible for customer-related services, like maintaining order in the check-in line and helping with tickets. As for security, there should be an adequate number of security professionals who can oversee the crowd and look for things like fights, unruly attendees, and safety hazards, such as blocked exits, firearms, and fights.

Include Plenty of Signs and Visuals

Some music venues are dimly lit, creating a certain ambiance that enhances the overall feel of a show. While this may be good for aesthetic reasons, it can also create a number of risks for attendees. Ensure guests can navigate their way around a facility by using plenty of signs that can point people in the right direction to places like the main floor, exits, entrances, bathrooms, smoking areas, etc.

Always Have an Emergency Plan

Staffing enough people and putting out the right signage are great foundational moves to create a safe visual environment, but sometimes things get out of control, beyond the abilities of venue staff. It’s always a good rule of thumb to have the ability to plan for the worst-case scenario. There are many different ways in which an event can go awry as even the smallest risks can get out of control.

A tiny flame can become a huge spark and end up burning down a venue or causing major fire damage altogether. Whatever the risk is, music venue companies should invest in planning for worst-case situations by getting everyone to safe locations and keeping everyone inside protected. If not, even the smallest issue, like a twisted ankle brought on by a rush out the door, can turn into a major claim. In this case, it’s important to also bring on music venue insurance, which can financially protect companies in the entertainment industry from hefty claims made by injured parties.

Venue managers should also know the layout of their venue and where all exits are and should promote these to their staff so that everyone is educated on where to go and where to lead guests in case of an evacuation.

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