Franchise Social Media Tips: Beyond the Basics

Posted on: November 21, 2016 by RMS Hospitality

As most business owners are aware, social media is an essential component to a successful marketing strategy. While social media and content planning might defer a bit from an independent business, the same basic principles apply to be successful. Integrity, guidelines, policies and procedures, and brand uniformity must all be considered when posting on behalf of a franchise, which is why we have compiled this comprehensive list for franchising social media tips. In addition to sharing this information with your clients to err on the side of caution and prevent claims, review their Franchise Select Insurance Program to ensure their policies are in effect.


Find out who is proficient and enjoys posting on social media. Find someone who is great with grammar, spelling, videos, and photos to share on the franchise’s social media platforms. Be sure the designated person(s) are proficient in Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and any other sites the franchise wishes to use. Ask these individuals to work in conjunction with the marketing team to create new perspectives and produce fresh content on a daily or weekly basis.


As explains, identifying the franchise’s social media plan differs from basic social media as there are typically many objectives to define, including increasing business at the franchisee level, improving brand awareness, creating interest in the franchise opportunity, and developing or strengthening communications throughout the system. Much of this process is unique to franchising as franchise law and the franchise relationship both need to be taken into consideration. Proceeding ahead without these considerations could result in significant consequences at various levels. Identify the target demographic, where they interact online, and create a plan.


Identify what resources are available and how much time the social media candidate can contribute to the project. Further, this process should cover the “what ifs” the company might face in terms of the content posted and how its followers might react.


Here’s where the fun begins- start sharing content, photos, and videos that are relevant to the followers’ demographic. The purpose is to be informative, entertaining, and to attract and retain followers to the brand. Be sure to write in a consistent voice, especially if duties are rotated between numerous people, and to stay true to the brand of the franchise.


Determine how the social media strategy is benefiting the franchise. Determine how much more business was driven because of the social media engagement and tweak the strategy as needed. Remember, your clients should be deliberate in their social media strategy and analyze metrics monthly to determine its effectiveness.

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